US Will Require COVID-19 Vaccines for All Border Crossers

The United States has given an ultimatum that they will require Covid 19 vaccine for all the border crossers. President Joe Biden had been thinking about this for some time, and he had finally arrived at a conclusion, and a decision had been made regarding all of his administration.

The new rule is that they will require essential, non-resident travelers who are known to be or going to be crossing United States land borders, such as truck drivers, government, and emergency response officials, all of them are required to be fully vaccinated. This is going to be done by the beginning of Jan in the year 2022.

US Will Require COVID-19 Vaccines for All Border Crossers

The country had decided to open its borders for the people over the world. While that might seem to be a necessary move on the part of the government, that does not mean that the government is allowing free entry to everyone and anyone.

The people who are going to cross the borders are needed to be vaccinated by the law. Even the essential workers who will come in by ferry need to have their vaccination done by the aforementioned date.

There is a thing that we might need to mention to clear things up. This rule is only applied to the noncitizen of the United States. If any of the citizens of the United States returns then, they will be allowed to go on in regardless of the vaccination status. However, they also have to face some additional testing hurdles on their way in.

Essential workers had been given a delay of two months in the time. But the government is not willing to put the date back anymore. Two months seem to be enough time for the people to get the vaccine shots.

We are hoping that this is going to go well and not cause further complications down the road. We think that the government’s steps are necessary to ensure the safety of the people living inside the country. This is a precaution that must be put in place.