US COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalization Cases Going Down

We were looking at the data given by the CDC, and we have got some good news for the people. We know that the Covid-19 cases are on the rise once again and that it is very serious to take this very sternly.

However, by the report that we have got, things seem to be getting a bit better. The CDC report said that the number of infections and the number of people hospitalized due to coronavirus had gone down 30%.  So both of them had gone down since the last month or the month of August if you will.

US COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalization Cases Going Down

We have checked the numbers in very much more detail and if you want to know more then keep on reading because we have all the statistics report for you. We have made it easier to understand for people who are not that much interested in statistics too.

We should be talking about the matter as of Sept. 27. Till this day, the country was logging a seven-day moving average of 110,232 new daily cases. Now, this is good news, even if the number is large. The current cases are down 30.9% from 159,515 on Aug. 27. Rome was not built in a day, guys.

Now, if you want to talk about the new corona virus-related hospitalization, then that had gone down too in the past month. It had dropped 31% from 12,330 to 8,507 over the course of one month, which will be the same time period as the other one.

However, we should not just celebrate yet. There is still a chance that the cases will go up too if the people are not cautious. The safety precautions and social distancing still should be maintained. Avoid crowded areas as much as you can.

There is anticipation among the health community, and doctors have said that if people do not maintain precaution, then today’s good news can turn into bad news tomorrow within a matter of days. So do not be rash and be careful. That is all for today. We will keep you updated. Stay safe!