UK Cases Could Hit 100,000 A Day

The uplift of the lockdown restrictions that had been in place in the UK for quite some time is going to be causing a lot of problems in terms of the coronavirus spread in the UK, according to the health minister. There is definitely going to be an increase in the number of cases per day, and it will be a lot.

UK health minister Sajid Javid said coronavirus cases could rise to 100,000 per day after restrictions in England are lifted on 19 July. The UK recorded an average of 25,447 new cases per day in the seven days up to 2 July.

UK Cases Could Hit 100,000 A Day

Javid told BBC Radio 4’s Today program that thanks to the “huge wall of defense” provided by the covid-19 vaccination program, covid-19 deaths are currently only one-thirtieth of those the last time daily cases were around 25,000 per day.

The only thing that can provide some protection to the people is the vaccine. That too, only for the people that have taken a second dose. The complete vaccination is the only way out of the pandemic. People who are not yet vaccinated need to get that soon.

Nevertheless, Azra Ghani at Imperial College London said in a statement that “current trends in hospital admissions, if extrapolated, could put a severe strain on the NHS”. Other scientists, such as Christina Pagel at University College London, have expressed concerns about the risks of long covid.

“The hospital no longer has rooms for patients who need ventilators. The ICU [intensive care unit] rooms are also full,” a spokesperson for a hospital in the city of Surabaya told the AFP news agency.