Fix This Device is Blocked By Access Control in The Router

Some users claim the router’s Access Control has disabled access to all PCs and mobile devices. The router’s access control has prevented access from this device. This is most frequently reported to happen with NetGear routers and modems.

Since it has been documented to happen on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10, the problem clearly isn’t limited to a single Windows release.

This Device is Blocked By Access Control in The Router

How to Configure Access Control on the Wi-Fi Routers

For NETGEAR Routers, you can utilise the access control feature to prohibit devices from connecting to your Internet Connection. You may control which devices on your network have access to the internet by using this function.

Solution 1: Disable Access Control

The IP address is checked by the access control system and the device is denied access. If your router’s access control settings have been selectively banned, turning them off may remedy the issue you’re having.

Since every router type is unique in its physical construction, the steps for activating and deactivating them also vary. Disabling access control, however, still requires a same sequence of actions.

Follow the instructions below to unlock your phone from its restriction by using the security settings menu.

Step 1: Open Your Browser Then, in the browser’s address bar, type the IP address of your router. That way, you may log in from any computer and change the preferences.

Step 2: Enter your credentials into the login screen. If you haven’t settled on a password, you can always use admin as both the username and password.

Step 3: Locate the Security tab in the menu’s more complex settings. Launch the Access Control menu.

Step 4: Either the access control feature can be disabled or the device can be removed from the blacklist.

Step 5: If you have Whitelist enabled for Access Mode, allowing the device will clear the error.

Step 6: Now that you’ve made your adjustments, you should save them and see if the device’s access control issue in the router has been fixed.

In any case, if the issue is resolved, that’s terrific. If that’s not the case, the following fix should do the trick.

Method 2: Resetting the Router to the Factory Settings

Resetting the router to its factory settings is a fast and easy way to fix the “This device is blocked by access control in the router” problem. Wait a few minutes, then try logging in again to ensure that none of your devices are being blocked.

When you push the reset button on your router for 10 seconds or longer, it will return to its factory settings. The router’s lights will flicker rapidly in unison to indicate that the reset was successful in most models.

Keep in mind that the Reset button may be inaccessible without something quite sharp to press it. Don’t forget that this process will also erase any previously saved login information from your router or modem.

Typically, they will revert back to the original setting, which is “admin” (for username and password).


Is a router’s access control blocking your device? If so, you’ve found the proper place to look for answers. This device prohibited by access control in router is an error that most of you have seen. Modems and routers manufactured by Netgear are notorious for this issue.

Users of Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 have all reported this problem, suggesting that it is not limited to any one version of Windows.

Commonly, this issue occurs when attempting to access a certain area on a network device that is restricted by an Access Control list.

Moreover, it prevents the gadget from connecting to the internet. Resetting the router’s settings or turning off the access control feature should resolve the problem.