The Person You are Trying to Reach Text

Text To The Person You’re Trying To Reach

When you get a snarky text message, you can indeed block a caller. However, doing this might help you stop texts quickly:

305 SMS Service Error: The message was not successfully delivered. Your credit card will be charged for additional messages.

The Person You are Trying to Reach Text

Calls to the number will be answered with the message “The subscriber you’re trying to reach is not accessible” if the phone is not in use when it is off. Later, try again.”

The message will continue to play until the call has lasted 30 seconds. The call will then be transferred as usual to voicemail after that.

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“Message Delivery Blocking of Message” Error 30004 Utilizing SMS

Your message was not delivered because the destination was prevented from receiving it if it does not arrive at the device that received it and then displays a 30004 error.

We Apologise. The Phone Number You Called has Either been Disconnected or is no Longer in Service

A Las Vegas-based vacation telemarketing company has been calling me. At first, I set my phone to route calls from this call straight to voicemail. However, I later learned that you can use Google Voice to block callers and have the system automatically play the real “this phone number has been removed available” message. So, yes. The list of my today’s blocked calls is shown below.

Message “Undelivered” With Error 30004

Let’s say the message has the status “undelivered.” If so, it means that after Twilio delivered your message on the company’s behalf, the delivery of your message was unsuccessful.

The following are potential causes of error 30004 in “undelivered” messages:

The individual is on a “Do not call” or “Do not disturb” list, which prevents SMSs from being sent by unauthorised parties.

Due to specific limitations or configurations of the mobile service they use, the user is unable to receive your text message.

Because it violated their rules or policies, the recipient carrier blocked the message. Please refer to the details for resolving error 30007 for more information.

The following are potential fixes for error 30004 on “undelivered” messages:

Visit your Twilio Status Page to check whether an ongoing incident might be the root of your issues.

Examine the Twilio SMS rules specific to the nation you are messaging. Twilio updates these recommendations to reflect the best methods in each nation. So make sure your messages adhere to these rules.

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Sending messages without pre-registering may result in error 30004 if you are sending application-to-person (A2P) SMS to Saudi Arabia or Malaysia, countries where Alphanumeric Sender ID pre-registration is permitted. For a complete list of nations and more information, please see International Support for Alphanumeric Sender ID.