Tech Giant CEOs Reportedly To Attend White House Cybersecurity Meeting

This is an anticipated action that is taking place in the tech world. Very recently there has been some news that the CEOs of the biggest tech companies like Amazon and Microsoft and even Apple are going to attend the Cybersecurity meeting that had been arranged by the government at the White House.

This is indeed something to be worried about and anticipated about. The CEOs are going to go in on Wednesday and then they are going to have a meeting with US President Joe Biden. The issue that is going to be discussed is most probably going to deal with Cybersecurity.

Tech Giant CEOs Reportedly To Attend White House Cybersecurity Meeting

It has already been confirmed that Amazon CEO Andy Jassy will be there at the White House since he is going to be attending on behalf of Amazon. IBM CEO  who is in fact named Arvind Krishna in case you did not know also plans to attend the meeting. That is only natural when the deal is this big. You can not just ignore it.

It has also been confirmed by several news agencies that the CEO of Apple Tim Cook and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will also participate in the meeting. We have also heard the news stating that the CEO of Google had also been invited to join the meeting. Whether he will actually be it is not yet confirmed.

The White House made this decision sometime soon and they made the last step of making it public by announcing this on Wednesday. This meeting will entirely be on cybersecurity. This is indeed something that the tech world was apprehensive about. A Press Secretary by the name of Jen Psaki described this particular meeting as “a meeting with private sector leaders of the tech world which was needed in order to discuss how we work together to collectively improve the nation’s cybersecurity.”

What is going to happen next is anyone’s guess. We will now have to wait and see what is about to come. Cybersecurity is a real deal issue that the government has to deal with. Maybe joining hands with private companies will turn out to be a good step. No one knows what is going to happen. And that’s it.