10 Best Sites Like ‘SubsMovies’ You Should Use in 2023

What does a perfect weekend sound like? Going to a party or a concert? That seems a little difficult at this particular time keeping in mind the whole Covid-19 situation. After all, we don’t want to go out and invite an unwanted guest, “Corona,” to our houses.

So, what else can make weekends fun? We suggest a movie marathon with popcorn and something nice to drink. All the theatres around the globe have been shut down to maintain the social distancing protocol.

2023 had an amazing line of movies to be released, but unfortunately, that did not happen. Movie releases shifted to online streaming platforms. Ever since, people prefer to watch movies at home with their loved ones even though theatres have begun to open.

Best Sites Like Subsmovies

And it’s not just movies; people are shifting to online streaming platforms for shows, dramas, and series. But not everyone is willing to pay for these OTT services. Some like to save money and look for alternatives that provide the same entertainment and a larger variety of content.

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The digital era has brought about a surge in online movie streaming platforms. Amidst this vast landscape, SubsMovies emerged as a niche space catering to those keen on watching movies with subtitles. In this article, we explore the ins and outs of SubsMovies.

What is SubsMovies?

SubsMovies is an online streaming platform known for offering a broad array of movies and TV shows with the added feature of subtitles. This function caters particularly to an international audience, allowing non-native speakers to enjoy content in various languages.

10 Best Sites Like Subsmovies to Watch Online TV Shows and Movies in 2023

One such platform was Subsmovies. But it was recently shut down due to some licensing and copyright issues. It was one of the most loved alternatives for viewers to watch the latest movies or shows online for free. But every alternative has hundreds of other alternatives to it.

And so do Subsmovies. We have a list of the top 10 Subsmovies alternatives for all those heartbroken over the shutting down of Subsmovies. This list contains 10 alternatives to Subsmovies that you must check out.

1. Openload FreeTV

When you open the website, it’s like you’ve suddenly entered a movie paradise. Openload FreeTV has movies from all categories, countries, and genres. What makes it even easier to use is a simple and user-friendly interface.

Movies are available to download as well as for online streaming. It does not only have movies but series and shows also. After the movies or shows are released, they get updated on Openload. All the content is available in high quality.

A separate section for Netflix shows is also available on the site. The site is equipped with high-speed servers; hence the movies get downloaded in no time. Plus, all the content is free. It takes up very little space on your PC or mobile if you download its app.

2. Putlocker

Putlocker also offers content to its viewers for free. You don’t need to sign in to the site and can just open the site and watch what you want. It also has a large library of movies, web series, and TV shows. Apart from this, it also streams anime, manga, and other east Asian media.

The interface of the website is designed in the simplest way possible, making it accessible to all. All the shows, movies, and series are available in high resolution and are subbed. Viewers can search whatever they want to according to year, genres, and categories.

Putlocker also updates its site with the latest content regularly. The website itself is ad-free, but you may encounter some third-party ads, which can be annoying.

3. YIFY Film

We are sure quite a few people must be aware of the site already. It is one of the most famous free online streaming platforms. It is a peer-to-peer torrent network used to download movies for free. Latest to latest shows and movies are available on YIFY to download and watch.

But be careful while using this site because it offers videos from a third party. The movies and shows of your choice are also very easy to find because of the search option. And like all the other sites, the interface is easy to use and simple. The movies are subbed and are of high quality with very little buffering.

4. Movie4K

When you open Movie4K, the homepage presents you with all the latest movies and their IMDB ratings. It is also a free site, and you can stream movies online instead of downloading them. The films are listed concerning their genres, like horror, comedy, action, and many more.

Movie4K is also listed among the favorites by the users of the websites. The only setback of the site is that it only has movies. TV shows and web series are not streamed by the site. The site offers a stable streaming speed which attracts more viewers.

5. FMovies

Like other sites, FMovies is also an online streaming platform. It is also completely free of charge. Along with a user-friendly interface, its key feature is the category section. It divides the movies and TV series according to year and genres.

You can either watch them online or download them according to your preference. For viewers to enjoy high speed, the video quality is optimized. It does not own any of the titles on its own, and some of the content is streamed via a third-party site.

6. 123Movies

123Movies for sure tops the list of free online streaming platforms. It has thousands of movies and shows to choose from. One of the key attractions of the site is that it does not require you to sign up, enter card details or email ID.

It also has content from India and Korea. All the videos are in HD and have multiple mirrors from third-party servers. The title catalog is extremely large and updated regularly. All the latest shows and movies get updated soon after their official release.

Although in the initial days it is only available in cam quality. But after a week or two, it gets updated to HD. Speaking from experience, 123movies is an excellent option to stream movies and shows.

7. AZMovies

It is yet another movie torrent site and has a wide variety of movies and shows for the viewers. People can view the latest released films in HD print. No other site uploads movies and series as quickly as AZMovies after the original release.

The site also provides a separate Recommendation section that allows users to choose among the most famous movies and series.

This site also has an option to search by year, genre, and country. Views can also change the audio, video quality, and subtitles according to their choice. This website is not one of the top picks but can prove useful.

8. YesMovies

This is the new version of YesMovies and is better than the previous version. The new version is very visually appealing to the users’ eyes and has improved in terms of service also. The homepage consists of all the latest movies and shows altogether.

On top of the home screen, three options are also available. They divide the content into TV shows, movies, and series separately. The site lets you play videos without signing up and creating an account. You can simply click on the video of your choice and start streaming it.

All the classics from around the world are also available on this site. Moreover, you can search by genres, year, and language. All the videos are available in HD and are subbed. Overall, this is a site worth checking and is considered one of the best alternatives for Subsmovies.

9. PutlockerHD

PutlockerHD is not much different from a regular Putlocker website. PutlockerHd also streams videos in HD, and the videos available on this website are similar to those from the original website. The only additional thing here is the night mode.

There is a wide range you can choose from. Comedy to romance to action to any other genre of movie, all are available on Putlocker HD. All the videos are subbed and are available in good prints. You can choose the resolution of your own choice.

It is also free for the users, and full episodes of all the shows are available. It also streams movies from third-party servers like Openload. Some of the mirrors might not work, so you have to check that. All and all, this is a good site, especially if you like Putlocker.

10. Viooz

Viooz is an American online streaming website. It allows its users to stream and download movies from all genres for free. It not only contains movies and shows but also streams documentaries. And all-in high quality. It has almost 200,000 visitors each month.

Movies are divided into different categories, and the navigation menu lets you explore them. Categories are as follows: horror, comedy, action, romance, and many more. A large number of its users hail from America, India, and Canada.

It is accessible on mobiles, PC, laptops, and tablets. All the videos are available in UHD, HD, or SD. The only setback of the site is the constantly popping up of ads.

Is SubsMovies Still Working?

The volatile nature of online streaming platforms, especially those that might not strictly adhere to copyright regulations, means their operational status can change. As of this article’s writing, SubsMovies is functional. However, given the potential for takedowns or domain changes, it’s recommended to keep an eye on official channels or related forums for updates.

3. Who is the Founder of SubsMovies?

The specific identity of the founder or the team behind SubsMovies is not publicly known. As with many online streaming platforms, those involved often prefer anonymity, likely due to the complex landscape of content rights and potential legal implications.

Benefits of SubsMovies:

  • Subtitled Content: As the name suggests, SubsMovies’ standout feature is its focus on subtitled content, making it ideal for non-native speakers and the hearing-impaired.
  • Diverse Library: From Hollywood blockbusters to indie gems, the platform boasts a wide variety of titles.
  • User-Centric Design: The website is designed for ease of navigation, ensuring a seamless streaming experience.
  • High-Quality Streams: SubsMovies prioritizes quality, offering many titles in HD.

Is SubsMovies Safe?

While SubsMovies provides a valuable service, safety concerns arise with most free streaming platforms:

  • The site may have pop-up ads, some of which can redirect to dubious websites.
  • Always employ a trustworthy antivirus software.
  • Consider using a VPN to maintain privacy and security when accessing such platforms.
  • Ad-blockers can be beneficial in preventing unwanted pop-ups and redirects.

Is SubsMovies Free?

Yes, SubsMovies offers its extensive library to users for free. However, as with many similar platforms, this free access is offset by advertisements. These ads are a revenue source for the site but can sometimes be intrusive.

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We’re sure Subsmovies alternatives will be helpful to all the movie buffs out there. Some of these sites may not be available in all the countries and might be considered illegal in some. So, we recommend you do a little self-research and use the sites accordingly.

We also do not recommend downloading from third-party sites because that may harm your device. Another thing that is to be duly noted is that the first link you click might not work, so try the first 2-3 links, and at least two of them might work.

SubsMovies stands out in the crowded online streaming space with its emphasis on subtitled content. While it offers numerous benefits, users should prioritize their safety and be aware of potential risks.

With a cautious approach, movie enthusiasts can enjoy a wide array of titles on SubsMovies without breaking the bank. Now you have a perfect weekend plan and sites that won’t cost you anything. Enjoy your movie marathon and stream as many movies and shows you like.