Street League Skateboarding 2021 Jacksonville FL

Stunning skating on Sunday (11 November) in Jacksonville, Florida, earned Pamela Rosa and Jagger Eaton the title of 2021 Street League Skateboarding (SLS) Super Crown champions.

Street League Skateboarding 2021 Jacksonville FL

In the women’s competition, Rosa’s compatriot Rayssa Leal placed second after a thrilling finish. The silver medalist at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics was expected to win until Rosa’s gutsy performance in the last seconds.

NISHIYA Momiji, the first Olympic champion in this event, placed third overall.

Street League Skateboarding 2021 Jacksonville FL

After Rosa’s triumph was officially verified on 21.8 points, she gave an interview to the SLS microphones, sounding as if she couldn’t believe what she was saying.

“It’s such a relief for me, thank you very much, thank you Jacksonville!” she exclaimed after successfully doing her winning trick on her first try.

She Won For The Second Time in This Competition.

Eaton, a novice in the men’s finals, scored a 9.6 in the line section and won the competition with a series of impressive routines. Even though he triumphed intellectually, he was overcome with emotion.

“I came to win, and the music and the crowd have both helped. Thank you so much. As this is my second SLS final and my first triumph, I am so excited that I can hardly contain myself.”

Rosa Defeats Rayssa with a 1-2 Finish.

Rayssa Leal has had a scorching start to the season, having won the first two events on the SLS tour in Salt Lake City in August and Lake Havasu, Arizona, on Halloween.

Leal won in Arizona with a score of 19.2, and it appeared that she had done the same in Jacksonville.

Leal topped the quarterfinal four with a fantastic back Smith grind and a nice back rail, followed by Nishiya, the very outstanding Samarria Brevard, and Rosa, who just about made it into the last tricks.

However, after Leal, Nishiya, and Samarria all failed on their third and final efforts, Rosa sent out the big guns.

She jumped from fourth to first place thanks to a 7.7 on her first trick, an all-out, high-speed gap out to lip side.

Then, Rosa clinched the title with an unsurpassable 21.8 total thanks to a gap out Smith grind at full speed for 8.1, the highest score of the day.

Brazilian skateboarders and their burgeoning fan base can rejoice at Rosa’s success and the country’s recent sweep of the podium’s top two spots.

There is No One Wlse in Jacksonville But Jagger Eaton.

It was a day of “go big or go home” performances, with many falls, failed tricks, and stunning “go for it” skating, and Eaton’s all-out line skate set the tone.

Fellow Brazilian and bronze medalist from Tokyo 2020 Kelvin Hoefler crashed hard on trick 4/4 and was eliminated by fellow countryman Lucas Rabelo.

Rabelo took second place in his first and only contest owing to a line score of 7.7, including a 9.3 for a frontside 270 switchback tail and a 9.1 for a 270 to switchback lip.

He finished second to Eaton by a mere 0.2 points, with a total of 27.

The Portuguese skater Gustavo Ribeiro came in third with a total of 26.3 points.