Stop. Breathe. We Cant Keep Working

important work with youth. Because of this, we want to be open and honest about why we need and how we’ll use the personal information you give us when you interact with us. Your information will be used in accordance with the General Data Protection Policy because we take your privacy seriously (GDPR).

GDPR has a single objective: to safeguard individuals’ rights regarding their personal data while balancing those rights with the rights of the organisation that is in possession of that data. Switch180 is dedicated to safeguarding the personal information we gather and use about you.

Stop. Breathe. We Cant Keep Working

We strive to be open and honest while abiding by reasonable expectations. To make sure we can manage our relationships with our stakeholders, we collect and use personal data.

This enables us to raise money more effectively and efficiently, ultimately assisting us in achieving our objective of offering more opportunities for young people to change their lives.

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To understand how we gather, use, and store your personal information, please carefully read this policy.

The following topics are covered in the privacy policy: – Who we are; – Where Switch180 obtains its information from; – What information Switch180 may gather about you; – How we use the information we gather; – Where we disclose your information; – How to access, correct, or delete your information; – How long we keep your data safe; – Links to other websites – Additional details

You agree to the collection and use of your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy if you give us your information. Any modifications to this policy will be communicated via email along with a copy of the new version. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions about this privacy statement.

Our identity

A national youth charity called Switch180 offers young people services that can change their lives. Through the provision of cutting-edge services with a focus on physical and mental health support, it is our mission to transform the lives of young people.

We operate two services called Snow Camp and Stop to accomplish this.


Think, a group that aids youngsters in the most underprivileged regions of the UK.

Scotland and England’s charity registration numbers for Switch180 are 1101030 and 1101030, respectively (registered OSCR SC043344).

306a Portland Road, Hove, BN3 5LP is where the head office is located.

How do we Gather Data about You?

When you submit an online form, sign up for a newsletter, participate in an event, or donate, Switch180 collects personal information from you. Additionally, we get data about you from unaffiliated third parties like Just Giving and youth organisations.

If you have given your consent for the transfer of your data to us, then we will only receive data from third parties in this manner. When providing your information, you should review their privacy statement to understand how your data will be handled.

When you visit our websites, watch a video about a charity on social media, or view and engage with our digital ads and content, we may compile information about the digital channels you use and how you use them.

This will enable us to produce content that is both interesting and relevant for both you and potential donors. Some of the information we use comes from sources that are open to the public, like Companies House, news articles, or open postings on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

What kind of data is Gathered from you?

To receive communications from Switch180 and our programmes Snow Camp and Stop, users must voluntarily opt in.


Consider: There are no pre-ticked boxes.

Through online forms and newsletter sign-ups, users can opt in. Users can unsubscribe whenever they want by clicking the unsubscribe button or by emailing Switch180.

Switch180 may gather the following types of personal information from you: – Your title, name, gender, and date of birth – Your contact information (address, email, phone number) – Family and spouse/partner details, relationships to other supporters – Your professional activities and employment details – Current interests and activities – Gift aid status and records of donations – Contact preferences – Your IP address, location, browser type, and information on how you use the internet.

Information that is deemed “sensitive data” may occasionally be included in the personal information that Switch180 gathers. This could include particulars about a person’s racial or ethnic background, their religious convictions, their health, as well as details about any criminal offences.

Your credit or debit card information is collected by our third-party payment processors, who specialise in the safe online capture and processing of credit/debit card transactions, not by us if you make a donation online.

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Where appropriate, we may also inquire about your passions and reasons for supporting Switch80. We never make this inquiry a requirement; we only want to know the response if you feel comfortable sharing it with us.