Speed Queen White Top Load Washer tr5003wn

Speed Queen White Top Load Washer tr5003wn: The 8KG FWF80 front-loading fully automatic washing machine by Speed Queen is white.

  • Auto Drum Clean; 95°C Hot Water Wash; Dual Detergent Case
  • Honey Comb
  • Crystal Drum
  • Auto Error Diagnosis
  • Energy Efficient

Speed Queen White Top Load Washer tr5003wn

Hot Water Wash 95 Degrees Celsius

With its built-in heater, the front-loading washer can raise the temperature to 95 degrees and provide hot water for washing.

With the aid of this innovative hot water wash technology, bacteria and germs are killed, sterilising your clothing and ensuring a clean wash. Additionally, it eliminates the unpleasant smell from the clothes and gives them a fresh appearance.

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A Drum Auto Clean

The Auto Drum Clean course keeps your front-load washer fresh without using harsh chemicals for the utmost in convenience. Additionally, it has the ability to send you an automatic cleaning reminder.

Comb Shaped Crystal Drum

Keep your clothing from getting ruined. The Honey Comb Crystal Drum’s special construction effectively and gently washes clothes. Even delicate items won’t be damaged by its gentle, diamond-shaped ridges.

Auto Error Detection

It is easier for the user to analyse the error and fix it right away when the machine automatically diagnoses the problem and displays it on the digital display.

Efficiency in Energy

The ERP A+++ rating indicates that this washing machine is effective at reducing noise levels, water usage, and energy consumption in addition to saving energy.

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Case for two Detergents

You have total freedom to use liquid or powder detergent thanks to the Dual Detergent case. Thanks for reading our article Speed Queen White Top Load Washer tr5003wn. Continue reading and have a good day.