Satya Nadella Calls Trump-Driven TikTok Deal ‘Strangest Thing’

Microsoft’s CEO is saying that the deal that they were trying to make with TikTok to take over it had been one of the strangest deals that he had ever worked on. This was the deal that went on last year and then ultimately failed on the terms of the efforts of Microsoft.

Last year TikTok was trying to sell the US administration of the app because Trump had threatened the company by saying that the company will be banned from the US if the company is not sold off to an American parent company. Thus in order to make sure that TikTok is not being banned, they had taken the decision to sell that administration in the United States.

Satya Nadella Calls Trump-Driven TikTok Deal 'Strangest Thing'

The fact of the matter is that at some point even Microsoft was among the list of buyers. However, they backed out later when the deal did not go through and TikTok achieved its stability by joining hands with the oracle.

This was the deal that the CEO of Microsoft is calling the strangest deal of his life and given that a big company like Microsoft does so many deals a year makes this statement is even more intriguing for us.

“First of all the thing is that we have got to remember that TikTok were the ones who came to us, we were not the ones who went ahead and decided to go to TikTok,” Nadella said at a conference in California. “TikTok was caught in between a lot of issues and these were the problems that they needed to deal with immediately. The problems that they were having across two capitals. As a solution to this, they wanted to partner with an influential American company.”

TikTok had been initially wanting of a cloud provider that could also offer security services, Nadella said. But later on, that did not work out between TikTok and Microsoft. This is how that ended and they ended up pairing with someone else.

It was a very strange deal that made the CEO question the law that was passed by Trump. The same one that caused the company TikTok to get into this deal.