Purple-Black Lacquered Stunner Geogenanthus Ciliatus

Geo Plant Specifications: Geogenanthus ciliatus, also known as Geo, is a houseplant that is currently only available to plant collectors in North America.

It stands out from other houseplants thanks to its large, shiny, purple-black leaves that are both distinctive and elegant.

Purple-Black Lacquered Stunner Geogenanthus Ciliatus

Geo Growing Guidelines

Medium to bright, but indirect, light is what Geo prefers.

If grown in direct sunlight, its gorgeous purple foliage may burn. Geo thrives in both natural and artificial lighting, like the majority of houseplants.

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How Much Water in Geogenanthus Ciliatus

Geo prefers slightly moist soil (but not wet or soggy). Make sure the potting mix is moist every week or so to keep your plant happy. Keep Geo from drying out. Remember that watering needs vary throughout the year and are influenced by factors like the size of the pot your plant is growing in and the temperature of the indoor environment.

Geo will wilt dramatically if it starts to get too dry, similar to the peace lily (Spathiphyllum), but it quickly recovers after being watered again.

Geogenanthus Ciliatus Humidity

The relative humidity levels present in the typical home are tolerated by Geo.

However, because it prefers higher-than-average humidity, increasing the air’s moisture content can be beneficial in arid or dry environments (such as homes where a furnace or air conditioner are running a lot).

Geogenanthus Ciliatus Fertilizer

Geo isn’t a particularly hungry plant; if you’d like, you can fertilise it just once or twice a year. or stimulate growth by fertilising more frequently.

Choose a fertiliser that is intended for use on indoor plants, and follow the directions on the fertiliser package exactly. An accumulation of salts in the soil brought on by an excess of fertiliser can burn roots and result in their death.

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Geogenanthus Ciliatus Pruning

In a pot, Geo takes on the same low, mounded shape it does on the jungle floor where it originated. The plant doesn’t need to be pruned unless you want to remove a few leaves to improve the plant’s appearance. Remove any dying or fading leaves.

This variety is not grown for human or animal consumption; rather, it is grown for ornamental purposes. We advise keeping it out of children’s or pets’ reach who might nip it.