Passengers Flee Following Security Scare at Cancun Airport

Tourists were reportedly scared off by reports of loud bangs at the Cancun airport on Monday. After receiving reports of gunfire at the airport, authorities grounded planes for more than three hours, according to a statement released by the National Guard.

No one knew what had happened at the Cancun airport, and everyone there was confused. You’ve come to the right site if you’ve been looking for an explanation of the events at the Cancun airport after hearing or reading similar reports.

Passengers Flee Following Security Scare at Cancun Airport

What Went Down at Cancun’s Airport?

Some people at a Cancun airport heard a loud boom on Monday and panicked, thinking a pistol had been fired. One League City family said they were nearly trampled on the escalator by a mob of panicked passengers. But the authorities insist there were no shots fired. As they wrapped off their weeklong vacation in Cancun, it was the last thing on their thoughts.

Stephen Hoeke described the horde of individuals making their way towards us and the palpable sense of terror they all felt.

The Hoeke parents, Beverly and Steven, and their children Bella and Gracie, were making their way through airport security. People rushed by them as soon as they walked onto the escalator.

In a flash, we were trampled underfoot. Our eldest child, Bella, is responsible for me being blind. Beverly Hoeke remarked, “He stated she was yelling and trying to get up on her back. I was alone with Gracie at the peak, and then she was lying on the ground below me as I hung precariously above her, trying not to squash her.

The Cancun Airport Saw a Rush of Passengers, But Why?

Monday, there were reports of loud explosions at Cancun’s international airport, prompting a mass exodus of vacationers. According to the National Guard, planes were grounded for around three hours after authorities received reports of gunfire at the airport. Videos uploaded to social media showed passengers fleeing a terminal in a panic.
The Guard claims that no weapons were discharged and that the noises were instead generated by the toppling of three vertical display stands that were placed on the floor of the terminal. “The alert scenario was created by three signboards that toppled after being inadvertently pulled over, producing a noise that forced a hasty exit by airport users,” the airport said in a later statement.

There was No Sign of Gunfire at the Cancun Airport, According to Police.

Mexican authorities claimed they found no evidence of gunshots or explosions at Cancun International Airport despite reports of bullets being fired and passengers leaving the terminal in terror.

Videos posted to social media early Monday morning showed frantic tourists rushing out of the building with their luggage in tow. In yet another clip, National Guardsmen can be seen sprinting through the terminal and up an escalator.

The National Guard of Mexico has determined that the noise of explosions was likely produced by a tourist knocking over three placards.