Secure Gateway with NordVPN Teams

Security has been a major concern for enterprises and large companies for years.  Technology has been both good as well as bad for us.

On one hand, it has given a free hand to hackers to penetrate into anyone’s system and extract the data. On the other hand, various cybersecurity solutions have geared up for any risks and security leaks.

More than 80% of IT professionals consider cloud security as their major concern in the new working environment.

The major threat imposed is for the companies and enterprises working in remote locations with access to public servers like Wi-Fi networks.

Secure Gateway with NordVPN Teams

Hence, businesses need an agile and robust network management system that provides security and lets your team connect from anywhere in the world.

Well, NordVPN Teams is the answer you are looking for. You might have already known much about the NordVPN that started back in 2012 with a knack for security solutions.

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About NordVPN Teams

NordVPN introduced the NordVPN Teams in 2019 with enhanced cybersecurity solutions that deemed fit for the companies. Nord introduced the Team VPN with features that ensured the advanced and digital protection for Small businesses, freelancers, and remote teams as well.

NordVPN Teams

Even if you own a large enterprise, NordVPN Teams has a great set of features in its arsenal. Nord uses 256-bit AES encryption to keep the network secured. Using this, your team can access the company resources from anywhere.

How Does the NordVPN Teams Work?

NordVPN Teams is the only VPN offering a secured gateway to the business with 1100+ servers across the globe.

It creates a secured encryption tunnel that keeps note of the ingoing and outgoing data from one company server to another. NordVPN Teams masks the IP address of these servers so that no one can get access to them even on the public gateway like Wi-Fi networks.

Moreover, Nord gives instant access to the servers so that businesses can set up and test new markets using secured management systems within minutes.

NordVPN Teams Features

There might be various reasons to choose ord VPN Teams for your business and enterprise. However, the main hook of NordVPN Teams is the use of diskless RAM Servers.

Nord’s diskless RAM servers create a centrally controlled network where not even the operating system is stored locally. These servers provide an additional layer of security.

Even if someone manages to get hold of your servers, they are going to take nothing but the empty piece of hardware.

NorVPN comes with a myriad of features to enhance cybersecurity and allow a share of resources among the servers.

VPN Protocols

NordVPN makes use of three VPN protocols that help with secured connections along with faster speeds.

The three protocols that NordVPN Teams use:

  • OpenVPN: OpenVPN provides cross-platform support and boosts security between devices.
  • NordLynx: NordLYnx uses the open-source Wireguard protocol of its own to increase speed and security.
  • IKEv2/IPsec: This VPN protocol helps provide connection stability for the users that switch between two networks. Your connection wouldn’t drop out either.

Kill Switch

Chances are that your VPN might disconnect due to an unstable internet connection. NordVPN Team uses the enhanced Kill Switch feature that disconnects you from the internet or blocks the access when the VPN gets disconnected.

This way, your team can work and share resources without worrying about the sensitive data getting breached when the Internet connection drops down.

Control Panel

NordVPN Teams own a centralized dashboard for robust team management. Unlike other VPNs where you will have to share the VPN access in a small team or workgroup, NOrdVPN teams have a centralized dashboard solution for managing the teams.

NordVPN Teams Control Panel

Here, the admin can add or remove the users in the control panel, add servers and allow sharing of data. Admin can also invite the users, assign them to the teams and also create smooth gateways between two servers.

Centralized Billing

In the centralized dashboard of the NordVPN teams, the admin can manage the invoices from a single place. No need to switch from one tab to another to manage bills and invoices for individual users.

Hence, NordVPN Teams is an amazing solution for the large teams where the admin will receive all the invoices at once.

Robust Server Infrastructure

One of the main USP of NordVPN teams is that it has a large server infrastructure expanded across 33 countries.

Doesn’t matter which server you want to connect with your team, Nord VPN Teams provide fast connectivity and large bandwidth.

Currently, NordVPN teams have servers in Switzerland, Spain, Italy, India, Italy, Portugal, Hong Kong, and various other countries.

How Much Do NordVPN Teams Cost?

NordVPN Teams plans are affordable for SMEs, Freelancers or small remote teams as well.

Users can request a free consultation and book a demo with the business. It offers three pricing plans:

Monthly Plan

  • Basic Plan costs $9 per month per user which includes six connected devices per user.
  • Advanced Plan costs $11 per month per user with all the features plus a dedicated account manager with a fixed IP address.
  • Enterprise Plan is best suited for the enterprises that want a dedicated server and set up their own cybersecurity platform with API access.

Using their Yearly plan, users can get discounts up to 22% on both plans.

Benefits of Using NordVPN Teams

Be it the SMEs, Freelancers, large businesses or enterprises, NordVPN teams are suited for all. It has offers of benefit apart from the safe and secured passage of data across the servers.

  • AES 256-bit Encryption for data traffic and endpoint security.
  • NordVPN offers a sleek mobile app for Android and iOS devices.
  • Third-Party Authentication using Google, Azure AD, and Okta.
  • Use One-click to encrypt all the data between our setup devices.
  • Lastly, the Secured gateway with NordVPN is enhanced using NordLocker and NordPass which stores files securely and manages passwords.

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Final Thoughts

NordVPN Teams is an amazing cybersecurity solution that can save the business from heavy data loss. Each year, enterprises lose millions due to security breaches.

Hence, a cybersecurity platform like Nord VPN teams can be the savior which creates a secured gateway with tunneling to share resources between the servers.

It is fairly easy to start with NordVPN Teams. To start with NordVPN Teams, click on Start Nowand get quick access to the centralized dashboard to manage your business and teams securely.