Microsoft Shareholders Vote For The Company To Publish Sexual-Harassment Report, In Rare Win For Activists

Microsoft shareholders have gone on ahead on this Tuesday, and then they had taken the measure of working about it, which ended up in them approving a proposal. What was the proposal about? Well, it was a proposal asking the board to publish a report which will be based on the matter of the effectiveness of its workplace sexual harassment policies.

Thus this makes this vote a rare voting time that it had even occurred. The board of the software and hardware maker, which is just another way of saying Microsoft, I guess, had gone ahead to the measure of recommending to their shareholders to go on ahead and vote down the proposal, but that did not happen at all since it received 77.97% of all votes.

Microsoft shareholders vote for the company to publish sexual-harassment report, in rare win for activists
Microsoft building in Vancouver, BC, Canadá.

This decision came after one and a half years since the co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, came out of the company, or should we say stepped down. This was because of the fact that he was accused of having a relationship with an employee of the company.

There was an investigation that was launched regarding this particular matter and the media was making a huge deal out of it. Many companies have taken the step to change up the way they handled things after the Me Too movement that we have seen. Many workers had also come forward at that time and said that they experienced sexual harassment in the company itself.

“While Microsoft has conducted prior internal investigations into sexual harassment and gender discrimination allegations, it has failed to report transparently on any independent investigations to employees and investors,” the shareholder had been saying in the proposal “To avoid legal and reputational risk and maintain shareholder value, Microsoft must create a culture of accountability and transparency, protecting employees from harassment and discrimination.”

That is all that we know for now. We hope that something good comes out of this. Take care, you guys!