Mark Bittman Cooked Everything. Now Wants

This generation’s Favorite Kitchen Companion Has Been Revised and Improved

Mark Bittman Award Winning

Numerous home cooks have learned the benefits of straightforward cooking thanks to Mark Bittman’s award-winning How to Cook Everything.

Mark Bittman Cooked Everything

The ultimate cookbook has recently been updated and expanded (almost half of the content is brand-new), making it a necessity for anyone who cooks or wishes to. You can make crowd-pleasing food with Bittman’s clear directions and advice by using natural, fresh ingredients, basic cooking methods, and inexpensive equipment.

Even better, you’ll learn how to unwind and have fun while preparing delectable meals for every occasion.

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Roker Al

“I am thrilled that a new, revised edition is available because I pull How to Cook Everything down from the shelf at least once a week. My first draught is deteriorating!”

Michael Batali

“My choice for a “desert island” cookbook has become jacked up and overly general thanks to this new generation of How to Cook Everything. I’ll now leave my cookbook collection to a collector as I only need this one.”

Robert Flay

“By improving on his now-classic How to Cook Everything, Mark Bittman has accomplished the unthinkable. Here is where you can find knowledge if you need it.”

J. Georges Vongerichten

“Cooking expert Mark Bittman also excels as a teacher. This book is now essential for every kitchen thanks to Mark’s revisions to the first edition.”

Says Isaac Mizrahi

“Throw out your old cookbooks and buy How to Cook Everything instead. The recipes from Mark Bittman are more sophisticated, simple, and foolproof than any others.”

“How to Cook Everything is a generous, exhaustive, trustworthy, and essential reference for both experienced and novice cooks,” .

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Suthor of the Moosewood Cookbook Mollie Katzen

“How to Cook Everything taught me how to cook in a way that allowed me to be creative. If you already own this book, you don’t really need any other copies. I’ll give this new edition to newlyweds or for a housewarming.”