15 Best Low Carb Breakfast Recipes

As we all know breakfast is known to be the most important meal of the day, so we don’t want that meal to be high in carbohydrates and which will make you sacrifice your health and your day. A good breakfast is equal to a day filled with energy, good vibes, and positivity’s.

Now, it can be totally hard to choose the best breakfast especially when we have broad categories of breakfasts in front of us, now some may say that sugary granola can be a great option or even a packed cereal meal.

15 Best Low Carb Breakfast Recipes

Low Carb Breakfast Recipes

But here everyone forgets about the carb amount and unhealthy part of these foods which can give a huge bad effect on your body. So a low-carb breakfast can be the best option for pushing your day to the best.

So here we are gonna introduce 15 dishes with low carb and sizzling flavor to kick start your day with the energy you wished:

1. Loaded vegetable frittata

egg is a great option for starting your day with the protein pack you need, hence trying the loaded veg frittata is a great option for your low carb breakfast. Which is a mix of egg, bacon, veggies, cheese, salt and pepper to make the sizzling flavor for your breakfast.

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As a typical boiled egg everyday can make your taste buds die with the same taste but a veg frittata can make your taste buds dance with joy of flavors.

2. Waffled cauliflower hash browns

cauliflower a vegetable with lots of nutrients and has the ability to fight several diseases including cancer, is a proven best breakfast you can try on. Here, this hash brown can be made easily and also can taste awesomely.

You can use these hash browns as the base of bacon, sliced avocado or even egg. This simple breakfast can surely be a great option to start your day with a kick of nutrients.

3. Berry cauliflower smoothie:

with the nutrient power, low carb amount and very low fat in cauliflower this can totally serve you as a great breakfast but when it is added with the anti-oxidant and highly fibered berries then that will be a doubled up energized breakfast.

Mixing these all together a s a smoothie and adding the creamy texture by the luxurious flavor of avocado, banana or Greek yogurt can give you a stomach and health satisfying smoothie for the day.

4. Veggie scramble with mushroom, spinach and goat cheese

the name itself will make you tempted enough to try this recipe on, its high nutrient value and lip smacking taste are a very great option to hit your hunger hard.

Here a mix of extra soft, creamy scrambled egg with veggies, mushroom and goat cheese will be a great protein filled and healthy diet.

5. Mediterranean tofu scramble

you got only 10 min left on your clock but didn’t have your breakfast till now? Then this tofu will be a great option, this tofu is a quick and healthy package of nutrients.

By adding the different flavors of bell pepper, feta, parsley, and tomatoes plus boosting flavor with sizzling sun dried tomatoes, olives or even capers this can fulfill your tummy with complete pleasure.

6. Breakfast burrito

a healthy tortilla can be the substituent name for this burrito, as instead of the tortilla this low carb healthy breakfast use collard greens, which can be used as a wrap for the delicious filling which contains hot potatoes, peppers and scrambled eggs.

And the huge amount of vitamins available in the collard greens will give you a healthy day. This savoring meal can satisfy you and your tummy a lot more than a tortilla.

7. Savory Parsnip Waffles

wishing to have a healthy waffle? Yes, then having a healthy waffle can also be a best option for a low carb breakfast. Mixing some parsnips which can quite help you to increase your potassium, and turning into a waffle will be quite a delicious and crispy snack to fill your appetite.

Instead of parsnips you can also use any sorts of cruciferous veggies such as cauliflower, carrot or even sweet potatoes too.

8. Avocado with Everything Bagel Seasoning

the heart healthy fatty acids and huge amount of potassium present in an avocado will surely be a blessing for your daily chores; hence this breakfast can be a sure to try one as it is healthy and lip-smacking.

Here avocado is seasoned with the delicious bagel seasoning and to the top a zest of lemon is added to bring the citric flavor along with some olive oil, now that will make you taste buds dance a bit.

9. Shakshuka

perfect flavors of canned tomatoes, sautéed bell peppers onion and garlic this breakfast can be a flavored dish which you have waited for.

Now turning these all into a perfect sauce and adding few spoonful of North African red pepper paste harissa will add the depth and flavor of this delicious breakfast. This can be a perfect dish to try on.

10. Blueberry Flax Superfood Smoothie

with the king of anti-oxidant and a high omega 3 source content can be a well maintained package for your breakfast. That can be easily made with the best breakfast foods that is, blueberry and flaxseeds.

The combination of these two can give you a healthy and sound breakfast. The blend of this smoothie will help you burn fat and also lose weight.

11. Oatmeal French toast

wanna have a French toast with a healthy twist and without bread, and then it can be done in a very low carb manner too with the help of incredibly nutritious oats. This crispy French toast can give you a new side to the ordinary French toasts you had till now.

12. Cinnamon Crunch Cereal

cinnamon can be a great addiction to everyone out there, especially with its addictive smell and its anti-oxidant and anti-fungal properties can also be a valid reason to make this particular ingredient a part of your day.

Having a cinnamon cereal with a base of flax seed can be a great day opener which will be filled with energy you need.

13. Purple Power Smoothie

this can be a perfect smoothie which you may have missed till now, with the blend of v8 fruits and vegetables this can be a great pack of energy and nutrients.

Plus when you add chia seeds and flax seeds then this irresistible drink can be totally a fledged pack breakfast. And for much more smoothie or creamy texture the power of Greek yogurt can be a great help too. Dashing a bit hemp seeds too can be a great option.

14. Apple Cinnamon Granola Bars

A brand named granola can be your favorite, but only until you haven’t tried a homemade granola bar which tastes the yummy taste of apple and cinnamon, and has all the benefits of these both then surely this can serve very well as a low carb breakfast for your great start and its high protein value can also be a great punch to your day.

15. Pumpkin Swirled Goat Cheese Frittata with Sage

A highly nutritious and rich in vitamin a pumpkin can be a great option for your low carb breakfast as it will satisfy your tummy and also your health with a complete pack of energy you need.

And when it is combined with goat cheese and eggs then it can be a magical recipe filled with energy and power for your whole day.

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Kick starting your day with a healthy breakfast is the best option and should never be avoided, therefore try these breakfast recipes and wake your taste buds including your healthy body.

Now your 15 days recipe challenge starts now try all these recipes and find your favorite ones which can give you the best day.