Long COVID Causes Bad Smells and Tastes

Long Covid is said to be causing several symptoms in the people like bad smells and other taste problems. It can also lead to depression in certain individuals. There are several people who are experiencing such symptoms in long Covid. But now we are going to focus on one person. Her name is Katrina Haydon.

She had been experiencing severe symptoms of long Covid where she can not eat or drink anything because of the bad smells and taste that comes along with it. This is a kind of smell disorder called Parosmia. It is a distortion of one’s sense of smell.

Long COVID Symptoms Causes bad smells and tastes depression hot water smells like rotting meat

It is even terrible to imagine that people are going through this. This is something out of a horror movie but it is happening in real life. The people who are suffering from long Covid, out of that many people are facing the same condition.

She says that she had the Covid in June this year. It seemed that her test report came negative but there was a loss of sense of smell and taste that time, but that eventually returned to her after a few weeks. She was going along with life at her own pace when suddenly this happened.

“Savory foods smell like rotting sewage. Hot water smells like rotting meat. Chemical cleaner and perfume smell like really sharp, overwhelming sulfur-like the smell of hair burning but concentrated and stronger. Sweets and dairy taste like perfume would taste if you sprayed it in your mouth,” she told Fox News in a statement.

Well, that was horrifying and revolting at the same time. But it really is a concern if such things are happening. How is a person supposed to live then? This is really a bad situation getting worse. We hope that the people suffering from long Covid can recover soon. That is all for now.