Klay Thompson Finally Found Love. With His Boat.

Klay Thompson will soon return to the NBA after a two-year absence. After a string of injuries, the three-time champion and five-time All-Star has been sidelined for almost two and a half years, but all indications point to the missing half of the Golden State Warriors’ Splash Brothers returning to the court soon.

The Western Conference will be put on notice when that time comes.

Klay Thompson Finally Found Love. With His Boat.

Klay Thompson Love for Food

However, Klay still has a great love for food, boating, and his well-known dog Rocco on Instagram. To participate in the trend of celebrity-endorsed fast-food orders, he most recently collaborated with Uber Eats and Shake Shack: The “Klay Trey” includes a chocolate shake, fries, and a chicken sandwich.

Before making his anticipated comeback to the court, Thompson talked to GQ about how diet changes he made as a result of cold-water therapy and the pandemic affected his recovery. He also discussed why you shouldn’t eat burgers before a boat day.

Klay Thompson Meal Preparation

Kevin Thompson You weren’t allowed to eat out during the pandemic. Meal preparation for myself was therefore the best I could do. I didn’t want to eat a fatty diet that was loaded with sugar, bread, and other healthy carbohydrates while I was in rehab.

That is not something you should do every day. Therefore, for me, it came down to planning my meals wisely and collaborating with the chef to include every nutrient-dense food group and provide me with the energy I needed to push through daily workouts. But I’ve been eating well for years. Just find what works for you and try to keep those cheat days to a minimum.

Klay Thompson Eat for Breakfast These Days?

I frequently order scrambled eggs and possibly a smoothie. The past two years have been challenging for me because I’ve gone through so many stages of rehab. Normally, I don’t like to eat a big breakfast before I run up and down the court.

You need to cut back because you’re not burning nearly as many calories or carbohydrates. I’ve been immobilised many times. It therefore came down to proportion and serving food in manageable portions for me. The portions get a little bigger as I exercise more, but it took a lot of willpower to cut back the past two years.

What Does your Fitness Routine Look like After Breakfast, Including PT and Workouts?

I give myself a 20 minute grace period after breakfast to unwind and allow my food to digest. I’ll start physical therapy right away after that. I’ll go straight to practise after spending 30 minutes on a table doing that kind of body work.

What do you eat and how do you take care of your body to recover after practise?

I firmly believe in the benefits of cold water therapy. Any activity that shocks your system, such as swimming in the cold or taking an ice bath, fills your internal organs with blood and gets the blood flowing. That, along with sleep, has been my main treatment for things like those dog days during the season. You must play for 40 minutes every night if you want to.

That is something I have only recently learned. I adore the ocean, which has been a tremendous source of healing for me. But I firmly believe that everyone should engage in [cold water therapy] for just a few minutes each day.