Jake Paul Net Worth, Career, Life and Biography

American Youtuber, entrepreneur, and celebrity Jake Paul first gained notoriety with his brother Logan on Vine, a short-lived social media site. In spite of the fact that Vine has been effectively shut down, Jack still has millions of followers from the app.

He took use of this when establishing his YouTube account. What do you need to know about Jake Paul remarkable rise to fame? Everything you need to know about how Jake was able to make so much money at such a young age is covered in this essay.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul Net Worth

According to reports, Jake Paul is worth around $20 million. Approximately $11.5 million was earned in 2016. 2017 brought in $11 million, and 2018 brought in $21.5 million. As a result of Jake’s astounding earnings, he is now the world’s second-highest paid YouTuber.

Jake Paul Career

After joining Vine in September 2013, Jake’s online career began. However, Disney recruited him to star in Bizaardvark, even though Vine shut down in January 2017. On the show, his slogan “It’s every day, bro!” became a catchphrase.

According to Jake, he was terminated from Bizaardvark in July of 2017. Paul was embroiled in a slew of scandals during the second season, including accusations lodged against him by his neighbours.

Fan complaints included large groups forming outside his leased home since he had posted the address on his social media accounts. Other complaints included fire dangers, loud wild parties, and pranksters causing trouble.

On camera, Jake said he was fired from the comedy because of his wild partying and the media attention it received. After that, he launched Team 10 as well. As a digital influencer marketing platform, it served as a vehicle for promoting and generating fun for children.

Jake released a music video for “It’s everyday bro!” in May of that year. More than 70 million times were watched in the first month alone this video. At the time, the thumbnail for Jake’s video titled “I lost my virginity” showed Paul and Erika, Jake’s then-girlfriend at the time.

YouTube’s age-restricted policy didn’t like the fact that the two were half-naked on top of each other. Later, the comedian switched to an image showing the pair dressed appropriately. In addition, on January 20th, 2020, he made his professional boxing debut in Miami. Gib, a fellow YouTuber, challenged him to a fight.

Jake Paul Childhood

To give Jake Paul complete name, he was born Joseph Jake Paul in Los Angeles. On the 17th of January, 1997, he was born in Westlake, Ohio, USA. Pamela Stepnick and Gregory Paul are his parents. There’s actually a Logan in the family, too.

Logan has a sizable following on the video sharing website youtube. It was on Vine that Jake began his internet career. At the time of Vine’s demise, Jake had over 5 million followers and over 2 billion views.

A meeting with city council members and other law enforcement officials was held in July 2017 by Jake Paul LA neighbours with the purpose of filing a public nuisance complaint against the YouTube star.

According to reports, he had posted his official mailing address on his social media pages. Fans flocked to his rented Beverly Grove home, which was open to the public. The YouTube star’s own landlords have sued him for 2.5 million dollars for this.

Jake Paul had a romantic relationship with model Erika Costell in 2018. They called it quits in November of last year. Chloe Bennet, a character from the television show Agents of SHIELD, started dating Jake later that year.

Between the months of April 2019 and January 2020, he had a relationship with internet sensation Tana Mongeau. In July, they both got engaged and married in a very publicised wedding.

Eventually, it was discovered that the wedding was a PR ploy. An enormous bash was held in the Calabasas, California, mansion of Jake, in 2019. Afterwards, they had to check to see if any of the drinks served to the party’s female guests had been tainted.

The beverages were allegedly spiked, according to a complaint made against Jake Paul by one of the visitors to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Moms of the Conejo Valley reported on Facebook that my kid was at a party for YouTube star Jake Paul last night in Calabasas. The mansion was overflowing with college students.

Her admission to the hospital came after she and eight other sedated females were taken there. These girls were also described as half-naked. They couldn’t even get out of bed, let alone speak. Jake was photographed dining at P.F.

Chang’s in Scottsdale, Arizona, during a black lives matter demonstration in May 2020. The youtuber and his friends went into the thick of a looting at the mall to capture the action on camera.

For trespassing and unlawful assembly, Jake was fined. Despite the fact that the actor was not arrested, he has been summoned to appear in court in Arizona.

Despite this, Jake had to deal with a lot of criticism during the corona pandemic in the summer of 2020 because of his large home parties. There were no face masks, and social separation was not observed, according to reports.


While Jake Paul is a well-known face on social media, he is also a budding businessman. Jake Paul is expected to have a net worth of around $17 million by the year 2021, according to the most recent available data. Thank you for reading this!