Israel Doubles Down On Booster Shots As Daily Covid Cases Set New Record

Israel had one of the biggest rates of vaccination that has been there in the world. They are keen on taking the steps to make sure that there does not have to be another lockdown that can be trouble for the country. Instead, they focused on the vaccine and they had a good rollout with all the people getting the vaccine. But there had still been a rising number of cases in there.

The country of Israel had been very active in terms of vaccination. They have actually taken a huge deal and made it one of the fastest vaccination rollout programs in the world.  And then there had been a good result whereby early June there had been many of its coronavirus restrictions which were taken down or in this case, they were lifted.

Israel Doubles Down On Booster Shots As Daily Covid Cases Set New Record

This was only possible because of the decrease in the number of cases. However this did not last for long, they reinstated the rules and laws once again as the cases once again were on a rise.

As of this Wednesday, we have calculated that there has been, 63% of the Israeli population had been fully vaccinated. This data is solid and has been compiled by the strictest sources. It is according to data compiled by Our World in Data.

Covid-19 cases are not going down in fact they have been rising sharply in the area or rather the country of Israel. This is obviously not a good sign and this has been going on since July. They do have a high chance of being on the top of the country for being one of the places where vaccination is at its peak.

So in spite of the high vaccination rate, the numbers on Thursday were very high. We have seen that there have been 8,615 new confirmed infections. New daily cases are on an all-time high. It is in the country that we have found they have reached an all-time high of 12,113 on August 24. This is far more than what the previous peek was. That happened in January. Now this time they have surpassed the January peak of 11,934.