Imogen Poots Keeps Everyone Guessing in Outer Range

Imogen Poots gives off the vibe of an ingénue when she first appears in the “Outer Range” premiere, a surreal new science fiction Western series.

Interview From Los Angeles

In a recent video interview from Los Angeles, Poots described the woman as “a pretty blonde with long hair and big blue eyes, and strange, sturdy teeth.”

Imogen Poots Keeps Everyone Guessing in Outer Range

Poots, who made her name when she was just 17 years old in the zombie sequel “28 Weeks Later” from 2007, is uncomfortable with the role of the designated girlfriend, according to her. She has seized the opportunity presented by such parts, matching the intense intensity of leading men like Michael Shannon in “Frank and Lola” and Mark Ruffalo in “I Know This Much Is True,” but she has been actively looking for roles with deeper narrative layers.

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Name of Poots

She was intrigued by “Outer Range,” which debuted on Friday on Amazon, as a series has the potential to have a more complex character arc than a two-hour film. But she was determined to stay out of the romantic relationship realm.

“I did inquire as to who she ends up with.” Autumn Rivers is the name of Poots’ character, a camper. You’re given a part that appears to be fairly independent and not at all a plot device, and then, whoops, your character ends up making out with whoever is nearby.

Simple Plot Device

Autumn is an outsider in “Outer Range,” and her arrival at the ranch of Royal and Cecilia Abbott (Josh Brolin and Lili Taylor) heralds strange occurrences, most of which centre around a sizable hole that appears in a pasture and may be a rip in the fabric of time. When she does make out with someone, it is obvious that she is in charge—she is more of a catalyst and provocateur than a simple plot device.

Poots slyly added, giving the kind of nuanced line reading in our conversation that distinguishes her performance in the play, “And she might have an ulterior motive.”

Statue of Liberty T-Shirt to the Interview

Poots, who was wearing a Statue of Liberty T-shirt to the interview, resides in London with James Norton, a British actor who is best known for his role in the film Happy Valley. She once lived in New York and still thinks it’s “the best place” and hopes to buy an apartment there, most likely in Brooklyn.

Whether discussing the “strange social obstacles and acrobatics” she anticipated to encounter at the show’s Hollywood premiere later that day or her justifications for drinking kombucha in the afternoon, Poots is charming and sincere in conversation, slipping into silly voices and laughing readily. She began, “I was going to drink coffee, but I’m a pathological insomniac,” before glancing at the bottle, realising its contents also contained caffeine, then cursing out loud while laughing at her own error.

More Difficult to Read

Poots is more difficult to read in “Outer Range,” though. Every word she uses has multiple meanings; phrases like “What is this?” or “Tell your dad I said, ‘Hi,'” for example, can be interpreted as either innocent or sinister. Her body language can communicate one emotion while her eyes can communicate another.

Autumn continues to be mysterious even as the mysteries of the show slowly come to light. Her body language and facial expressions give the impression that she is hiding information and is unsure of what to do with it, which throws the other characters and viewers off guard.

Poots Talked about Autumn Peculiar Behaviour

In the interview, Poots talked about Autumn’s peculiar behaviour and the lessons she learned while filming “Outer Range” about occupying space. These are condensed versions of the dialogue.

Despite not having any acting experience, you’ve worked with talented actors like Olivia Colman, Josh Brolin, and now Christopher Walken. Have you tried to absorb knowledge from these people’s behaviour?

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I constantly yearned to be around individuals who were objectively superior and to collaborate with actors who genuinely reflected my values. They provided some direction in the form of a path that was purposefully forged.

Josh told me, “You should take up a little more space; you’re still unsure about that,” during this show. Instead of feeling like I have a right to be here, I have a tendency to flutter around the edges. That might be a sign that you were a student for too long.