iMessage Not Working on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Users of Apple iPhones, iMac, iPad might have faced iMessage not working error, which is generally due to many reasons. You might see that your messages either aren’t delivered, or you cannot send the text, so this article provides the possible reasons behind it and some simple and easy tips that can act as a solution to it.

How to Fix iMessage Not Working on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Now there can be a lot of reasons due to which iMessage in your device may not work. Like you can have a problem with the iMessage app, or you can have some server problem, or you might need to fix your settings again. So now there are some issues that are most commonly seen, so here are some possible solutions to these problems.

iMessage Not Working

1. Check if the iMessage is Down

Now there is a possibility that a server related issue might be there causing such a problem, but in that case, not only you every user will be facing a problem with iMessage, so in such a situation, you can go to the system status page, which will provide you all the details regarding any recent maintenance of its service but in this case, detecting a problem might take time so there us another alternative to it which is “down detector”.

It gives you complete details about its services for the past 24 hours. One thing that can really prove useful for the users is that even if you cannot send a message, it will automatically turn into a normal text. So the blue bubble indicating iMessage will turn green, implying a normal text.

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2. Make Sure You Have Got A Connection and Enough Data

Now there is a possibility that you don’t have a 3G/4G connection or good signal for a WiFi network, so in that case, you will not be able to send iMessage because it requires data for it. So if the data connection is not so good, you can turn your airplane mode on and off. Even if you have a good network but do not have enough data, this problem will also arise.

There are many options through which one can save data, like turning on the low data mode. If there is a poor 3G/4G connection or you don’t have enough data to support iMessage, then here are some possible solutions to it:

Step 1: You can turn airplane mode on and off, and in addition to it, you can turn your iPhone on and off for a better signal.

Step 2: Next, you can search for a nearby WiFi network available.

Step 3: If the problem is not related to the WiFi connection, then, in that case, turn your 3G/4G connection.

Step 4: If still your problem is not solved, then you need to reset your network settings.

Step 5: If you don’t have a good connection, then, in this case, you can press and hold the message and “send as a text message”.

3. Make sure iMessage is Turned On and Set Up Correctly

There is another possibility that your iMessage is not turned on in the setting section. On visiting this page, you might see a message showing activation unsuccessful, but if such a message does not appear, then there is a solution to it.

Step 1: First, turn off your mobile number and the email address so that you can check whether your iMessage works with a mobile number and email address.

Step 2: Secondly, check whether there is a tick along with your phone number at the start of new conversations.

If you see a message showing activation unsuccessful, then in that case:

Step 3: First, check the conversation With your friend who also uses iPhones and see whether a blue icon or green icon appears, so if you see a green icon, this means that your iMessage is turned on. This usually happens if you have bought a new iPhone.

Step 4: In case if iMessage is deactivated, then you need to go to settings and see if the slider along with the iMessage is turned off.

Step 5: To activate, turn on the slider to activate the message; this usually takes 24 hours.

4. Turn It Off and on Again and Restart iMessage

A problem of hanging in the iMessage app is also possible. In such a case, you need to follow some steps.

Step 1: First, go to settings, and there turn off the iMessage.

Step 2: Then reboot your iPhone. Once it gets restarted once again, go to settings and turn the iMessage on.

Step 3: Sign out from your Apple id and then again sign and see whether the problem has been solved or not.

5. Delete Messages

Your iMessage may have a lot of photos and videos that can lead to a slowdown. So to curb out this problem, we need to delete the messages that contain a lot of images and videos.

Step 1: Firstly you can delete the messages by swiping them from right to left.

Step 2: You can also do so by the edit button on the top left-hand corner.

Step 3: Thirdly you can go to settings and change them by turning on the low image quality mode.

6. Check iOS is up to date

There is a possibility that your system may not work properly if you have not updated the software. To check if the new version is available, then install it. This will provide the solution to your problem.

7. Check Network Settings

A problem relating to your network settings may arise. To fix this, user’s can go to Settings > General > Reset> Network Settings. Or else you can turn Wi-Fi assist. Doing this will automatically switch to the cellular signals when the signals would be stronger than your normal WiFi network.

8. Check Time Zone Settings

Many of the users have faced a problem while sending messages if the time zone is not set automatically, so in this case, there is a solution to it. Go to Settings > General > Reset> Date and Time.

Other Problems with iMessage

There are some specific problems due to which you may not be able to send or receive messages.

Why Isn’t My Friend Receiving Messages?

If you know that your friend has an iPhone, Mac, iPad and they are not able to receive your message, then there is a possibility that either they have not activated this feature of iMessage or they may not have to register it.

Step 1: If you know that your friend is using iPhone, Mac, iPad, they need to turn on the services by going to the settings.

Step 2: Then turn on the iMessage.

In case if your friend has switched from iPhone to some other device, then in that case if they have their old iPhone so they can still receive the message by:

Step 3: Going to settings and then turning off iMessage.

Step 4: Now the blue icon with the message will turn green.

iMessage Visual Effects Aren’t Working

A long time back on iOS 10, Apple launched some amazing effects that you can enhance, or you can make your iMessage look more attractive like you can add some sketches, thumbs, or hearts. So if your friend is not getting your iMessage with these effects, then, in that case, there is a solution to it.

Step 1: Ask the receiver to install iOS 10 or iOS 11.

Step 2: It is possible that these effects won’t work if they have reduced the motion-activated on iPhone, so in this case, they need to Go to General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > Off.

Can’t Send A Group iMessage

If you are facing a problem in sending group messages in iMessage, then one of the main causes is that your friend has stopped using the iPhone. If you send a group message, then, in that case, iMessage will show up blue till all the contacts are using iPhone. The moment one of the contacts stops using the iPhone, it will turn green.

Step 1: Open the iMessage app and click on and tap on the group message you are trying to reply

Step 2: You will see a message if you have left the conversation.

Step 3: Now to join again, you need another participant to get you added, or you can start new conversations with the same contacts.

Messages Lost or Accidentally Deleted

If you have deleted some important messages by mistake or updating your iPhone, some messages have been lost. Then, in that case, you can easily get the messages back:

Method 1: iCloud Backup

If you have got an iCloud backup before deleting the messages, then it is possible to retrieve that message back. You can easily find your message by going to settings. On the top, you will be able to see your name, tap on it and then select iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups.

Method 2: iCloud Website

Although iCloud is quite helpful in retrieving your messages, it may not work for some phone operators. So users can recover the deleted messages in the following manner:

Step 1: Firstly you need to log into iCloud by using your ID and password.

Step 2: Then click on text messages.

Step 3: Now look for those messages that you require.

Step 4: Next, go to Settings > Name > iCloud.

Step 5: Then turn off the text messages.

Step 6: Then a pop-up will appear on your screen, so select the option to keep on my iPhone.

Step 7: Now once again, you need to turn on your message.

Step 8: Lastly, click on merge and then wait. If it works, then you will be able to get your deleted text back.

Method 3: iTunes Backup

If you have not backed up your iPhone on iCloud rather you have taken a back up on iTunes, then also you can recover the deleted texts by following some simple steps:

Step 1: Firstly connect your iPhone to the device to which you want to sync. Make sure that it opens up automatically.

Step 2: Then on the top left-hand corner, an iPhone icon will appear, so then click on it.

Step 3: Then click on “Restore a backup”. Although this will take time, you will still be able to recover the deleted texts.

Messages Not Appearing on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

The matching messages app allows you to carry the message on your iPhone easily, but sometimes the message sent through iPhone do not appear on the mac, so in such a case, we can solve this problem through some easy steps.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive. You should keep one thing in mind, which is to make sure that all the email addresses you want to connect with iMessage are ticked.

Step 2: Now open the iMessage app on Mac and click Messages in the top menu bar, then Preferences. Then again, tick the email addresses again and restart messages, and hopefully, your problem will be solved.

How to Sync iMessage Conversations on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Nowadays, Apple users have increasingly benefitted as now any work they are performing on their mobile device, they can continue their work on desktop as well. This has been made possible due to the same messaging app on iOS and Mac, as it is easy to carry your conversations on these two platforms.

Now a user can easily reply to a message on mac. Although it is a great thing still issues related to the synchronization may arise between the two platforms. It is possible that the messages that are being sent through the iPhone do not appear in the conversations on mac.

Steps for a solution to it:

Step 1: Firstly go to Settings on your iPhone and move to the fifth category, Send & Receive and then tap on this.

Step 2: By tapping this, you will see all the phone numbers and email addresses you need to contact. Now tick that email id or the number which is not ticked. But by doing you will only see your iPhone number, so for this, tap on Apple ID for the iMessage. By doing this, you will be able to unblock the email addresses and then tick on the address.

Step 3: Now after doing this, go to Mac and then open the iMessage app in it. On the top menu bar, click on the messages app in it. On the top menu bar, click on messages, then Preferences, and then on accounts.

Step 4: If you want to relate your iMessage on this device, you need to tick all the email addresses.

Step 5: Now after performing all the above steps, restart the messages and see if it works or not.

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These are some of the problems and solutions due to which users might be facing iMessage not working error on their Apple devices.

This article provides solutions to such problems. A user can look for these solutions depending on the problems faced by them.