How Old Was Tom Cruise in Top Gun

How old was Tom Cruise when he starred in the first “Top Gun” film?

While most teenagers are excited about their newfound independence and what lies ahead, Tom Cruise was already gracing movie sets when he was cast in films like The Outsiders in 1983. Early on, Cruise was only given small roles, but it didn’t take long for him to star in Risky Business, the movie that gave him his big break.

It was released that same year. And only three years later, the actor donned the Maverick helmet for the first time in Top Gun as he sat in the pilot’s seat of a jet. While sharing the screen with Val Kilmer, neither actor had any idea how the movie would turn out. Tom Cruise’s highest-grossing movie ever was made possible by his performance as Maverick.

How Old Was Tom Cruise in Top Gun

Many are curious about Tom Cruise’s tenure in Hollywood as Top Gun: Maverick continues to rule the box office week after week.

The actor was only 24 years old when the movie debuted in 1986. Tom Cruise quickly rose to prominence in the film industry as a leading man following the success of films like Risky Business and Top Gun. The actor appeared in other classic movies from the same era, including The Color of Money and Rain Man.

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Powerful Onscreen Performer In the Theatres

It has been almost 36 years since Top Gun first enthralled audiences all over the world after its release. And demonstrating the force behind Tom Cruise, his movies brought in an astounding $4 billion. That is, incidentally, limited to North America. When considered globally, that sum increases to more than $10 billion.

The leading man directs his own action film series, Mission Impossible, in addition to reprising his role in Top Gun. Tom Cruise’s 1996-starting television series is expected to come to an end in 2024. Fans watched Tom Cruise pull off outrageous stunts in his eight movies as the master spies Ethan Hunt.

How It Feels To be a Friend Of Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise isn’t slowing down as he keeps pushing the envelope of what he can do on screen, breaking records at the box office and for Paramount. Being friends with the action star comes with a warning label, as Greg Tarzan Davis, who played Coyote in Top Gun: Maverick, quickly discovered.

Davis, who is well-known for performing his own stunts, recently talked about how difficult it was to tell Tom Cruise he wanted to go skydiving. The actor found a request for just that when he awoke. It’s difficult because he reacts negatively when you say something is cool or that you want to do it.

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For example, when I said, “Oh man, learning how to skydive would be cool,” he responded, “Oh yeah? You believe so? The day after that, I receive a call from someone who says, “Hey, yeah, so I was talking to Tom and Tom said that you wanted to learn how to skydive.” I say, “Wait, wait!” Tom, that was just the opening statement. I didn’t mean it at all.