How Did Helen Keller Fly a Plane

At the age of 19 months, an illness left Helen Keller mute, blind, and deaf. She nevertheless overcame these obstacles to live a life of great success. Keller was able to communicate with the world and grow into an advocate for disability rights with the aid of teacher Anne Sullivan.

Along with a host of other achievements, Keller was able to fly a plane, which was something that many capable women were never able to do.

How Did Helen Keller Fly a Plane

Helen Keller is a name synonymous with courage, perseverance, and breaking boundaries. The story of this remarkable woman, who overcame the challenges of being deaf and blind, has inspired generations.

But, how much do we really know about her journey, especially the intriguing question of her flying a plane? Let’s delve into the life and achievements of Helen Keller. If you want to know more about How Did Helen Keller Fly a Plane So, Read the our fully Article. Please continue the reading!

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Did Helen Keller Fly a Plane?

There’s a popular legend that Helen Keller once flew a plane. While she didn’t pilot a plane by herself, she did have an exhilarating experience in the sky. Accompanied by an instructor, Helen felt the sensations and thrill of flight.

This instance, like many others in her life, highlighted her spirit to experience the world in all its dimensions, despite her disabilities.

Initial Scepticism How Did Helen Keller Fly a Plane

Growing up, Helen Keller encountered a lot of doubt for a variety of reasons. She was falsely accused of being blind, deaf, and mute. They also questioned how someone with these conditions could possibly accomplish all of Keller’s life’s goals.

Following the publication of her first book in 1903, Keller enjoyed great success as a writer. In 1904, she also received her college diploma. Her detractors questioned how she had accomplished such feats.

Helen Keller Previous Flights

Keller was able to experience flying because of her considerable media success, both domestically and internationally. Few women of Keller’s generation would ever have taken a flight.

Her first flight took place in 1919, when the biographical movie Deliverance about her aimed to show her engaging in “normal” activities (even though women almost never flew).

Prior to her flight in 1946, Keller took to the skies a few more times after developing a taste for it. A plane, in her words, is “a great graceful bird sailing through the illimitable skies,” she once remarked. It makes sense that she would later become a pilot.

Transferring the Controls

She was given the controls of a Douglas Skymaster as she flew from Rome to Paris as part of a tour of Europe to advance the cause of blind people. Keller piloted the aircraft for 20 minutes over the Mediterranean Sea.

Polly Thomson, her travelling companion, assisted her in following the pilot’s instructions as they were communicated through hand “talk.” The onboard crew was taken aback by her delicate touch on the controls.

There was no trembling or vibration, Thomson told the Glasgow Bulletin. She simply sat there and controlled the aircraft steadily and calmly. She added that it “was wonderful to feel the delicate movement of the aircraft through the controls,” Keller said.

Was Helen Keller Born Deaf and Blind?

No, Helen Keller wasn’t born deaf and blind. She was born on June 27, 1880, with her senses intact. However, at the age of 19 months, she contracted an illness, speculated to be scarlet fever or meningitis. This illness left her deaf and blind.

Overcoming Barriers: Helen’s Journey of Learning

Given her challenges, many wondered, how did Helen Keller learn? The answer lies in the dedication of her teacher, Anne Sullivan. Using the tactile method, Sullivan would spell words into Helen’s hand.

Over time, this method helped Helen understand and connect words with objects, ideas, and emotions.

Helen Keller’s First Word

Helen’s breakthrough in communication came with the word “water.” As Sullivan poured water over one of Helen’s hands, she spelled “W-A-T-E-R” into the other. This moment was transformative, opening the world of language and communication for Helen.

How Old Would Helen Keller Be Now?

Born in 1880, if Helen Keller were alive today, she would be 143 years old. However, she passed away in 1968 at the age of 87.

Helen Keller’s Tryst with Speech

Many ask, “Did Helen Keller ever learn to speak?” The answer is yes. With immense effort and Sullivan’s help, she learned to speak by feeling vibrations and imitating them. Though her speech was hard to understand for those unfamiliar with her, it was a monumental achievement.

The Legacy of Helen Keller

So, why was Helen Keller so special? Beyond her personal achievements, she became a global advocate for the disabled. She raised awareness about the capabilities of differently-abled individuals and championed their rights.

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More from us: The Motivating Last Letter Amelia Earhart Wrote to Her Husband on Her Final Flight Keller is not the only blind and deaf pilot in history.

Katie Inman, 15, who primarily communicates through tactical sign language, similar to Keller, flew a plane to Florida in 2012. These women were able to accomplish an amazing feat by learning to fly a plane despite having deaf-blindness.

Helen Keller’s story is not just about overcoming personal challenges but also about pushing societal boundaries. Her life reminds us of the power of determination, the importance of seeking knowledge, and the potential that lies within all of us, regardless of our challenges.

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