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Whatever you want to call your underwear—knickers, undies, banana hammocks—it is an essential component of (almost) everyone’s wardrobe. And there are countless variations.

Some people have special occasion pants, vintage pants, cosy granny pants for a night in, and lucky pants. (Hello, romantic evening!)

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1. How Bad is Wearing the Same Underwear On a Second Day?

We have good news for anyone who has neglected to do their laundry: According to J. Scott Kasteler, MD, wearing the same pair of underwear twice in a row is not particularly harmful to your health.

As long as they are spotless to the eye, that is (unmarked with urine or stool). You could go several days without a new pair without any ill effects, according to Kasteler.

However, take into account two significant exceptions before you wear your “Monday” pair on Tuesday.

Do not stretch the mileage on your underwear if you have any cuts, sores, or rashes on your skin because doing so could cause an infection. And it’s best to put on a clean pair if you’re perspiring. Moisture accumulation in the nether regions can cause yeast infections in people who have vagina.

Even though people without penises might not be as prone to infections, it’s still a good idea to keep the area nice and dry. Simply put, the chance of experiencing belt chafing is not worth it. (Hey, there’s a good reason fancy gyms are selling extra pairs.)

2. Is Fabric Important?

Yes, is the quick response. Your health may be affected by the material of your underwear.

Wearing fresh, clean, well-fitting pairs of cotton underwear is advised by health professionals to prevent unpleasant down-south conditions like rashes, vulvovaginitis (an infection in the vulva or vagina), or jock itch. Cotton underwear is breathable and absorbs moisture, which can act as a catalyst for infection.

As a base layer for outdoor athletes, fabric that wicks away moisture has also gained popularity, particularly during the winter.

During long days on the slopes (or even when you’re just slogging it to the train), wearing underwear made of wicking fabric, such as polyester or a polyester blend, can help to reduce moisture in your neither regions.

In a small 2015 study, it was discovered that wearing these synthetic fabrics led to better athletic performance and comfort than cotton clothing.

Reliable Source (You’ll understand why this makes sense if you’ve ever run a marathon in a cotton T-shirt.)

To reduce the risk of infection, it is still a good idea to change your underwear after a sweaty workout.

3. Can I Exercise While Wearing a Thong?

Ouch? Maybe. While there aren’t many studies connecting gym thong use to negative health effects, you might want to be cautious before slipping one on before using the treadmill or going for a run outside.

Thong underwear may be problematic, according to some doctors, if you frequently get vaginal infections. Bacteria can move around easily in thongs (consider wearing them back to front).

Thong underwear may not actually be linked to an increase in infections, according to a 2019 survey, but it didn’t address usage during strenuous activities like working out.

Thongs expose your body parts to other clothing, such as sweaty leggings, which may trap moisture and raise the risk of infection.

Get underwear with full booty coverage to be on the safe side and for comfort and support.

4. Briefs Versus Boxers: Which is Actually Superior?

All genders enjoy the popularity of boxers and boxer briefs. But there are some things to think about if you have testicles.

The real argument over whether to wear boxers or briefs is focused less on fashion and comfort and more on sperm production and your chances of getting pregnant.

According to research, heat—more specifically, the scrotal temperature—plays a significant role in sperm production.

Reliable Source And what maintains the warmth and tight storage of your testicles? I told you, underwear.

Experts advise against wearing tight-fitting underwear while actively trying to conceive, as well as avoiding saunas and hot tubs.

Reliable Source Otherwise, you can probably get by with whatever feels good.

5. Must I Join The Commandos

Going commando, or going without underwear occasionally (how cheeky! ), is probably more common than you might imagine. It turns out that there are a few valid excuses for “forgetting” to wear a pair, particularly while dozing off or even at the gym.


You might sleep a little bit cooler and there is more airflow, both of which are advantages.