10 Best Sites Like ‘GoMovies’ Alternatives

There are many options available to watch a movie or a TV show. But most of them are paid. And let’s face it, not every one of us are willing to spend our hard-earned money on these apps. We either rely on theatre or we skip watching them altogether.

Today, there are several options available online through which we can stream movies and TV shows. And the best part about these sites is that you either have to pay no money at all or pay very little money.

Entertainment has now become reachable to a wider range of audiences because of these sites. A site that streams movies, series, and shows online for free was GoMovies.


What is GoMovies?

GoMovies is a site that not only allows the viewers to stream videos but also allows them to download them. From Bollywood to Hollywood, comedy to action, and latest to oldest, you will find everything on GoMovies.

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It not only streams movies and TV shows but also streams web series, anime, and East Asian media. All the videos are in high resolution and have subtitles in them. Entertainment content from all over the world, in different languages and from different countries, all is available on one website.

Before it was famous with some other names like Memories and GoStream. If you are an old user of the website you must be aware of these names. The reason they keep changing their name is to avoid any legal issues.

These sites do not stream all this content legally and the content is usually pirated. When you open the homepage, you see that the videos are divided into three sections- the latest movies, the latest episodes, and the latest TV shows.

You can also search for the content you desire to see through the search box. The interface is very simple and user-friendly. Therefore, even the ones who are not very tech-savvy can easily use the site.There are other clone websites of GoMovies like Cool and GoMovies.mx.

They also stream similar videos like GoMovies. It was one of the best free online streaming platforms until it was taken down because of legal issues. But it restarted again recently. Now the domain name of the website keeps changing to avoid getting caught.

But the site has now reported some other problems within itself like, downtime and other errors while streaming content.

10 Best Sites Like GoMovies 2023

Many alternatives provide similar content to GoMovies. Their library is almost similar and is pretty easy to use. We have a list of 10 best alternatives to sites like GoMovies in 2023, according to our research.

Some of them are legal while others are not. Also, some might be paid, on the other hand, some might be free. Everything is mentioned below for your convenience.

1. Putlocker

Putlocker has always been on top of any list that provides readers with free online streaming websites. Putlocker is a very user-friendly website and has a vast library of shows and movies. You can search from the oldest to the latest with the help of the search option.

It is considered the most extensive and the safest site to use among the others. Putlocker has been consistent in delivering content to its users. It provides top-rated movies and Tv shows and several other categories.

Putlocker comes in the list of top 250 websites because of the content it provides to its users. You will easily spend two or two and a half-hour on average once you start using this website. It comes with smooth video streaming and all the videos are in HD, HD- RIP, BlueRay or Cam qualities.

2. Movie4K

Movie4K is another website that allows viewers to stream movies online free of cost.  It aggregates all its content from a variety of free sources and makes them available for the viewers’ convenience.

After the initial website of Movie4K, Movie2K.to was shut down in 2013, Movie4K emerged as its alternative. It was shut down to you copyright infringement concerns. When you visit the homepage, you can easily find good movies because they are listed according to rating and release format.

Not only are the videos categorised according to their genre and year but also according to their prink quality. The video quality options available on Movie4K are HD, full HD and cam. The only negative point about this website is that you can only stream movies using Movie4K and not TV shows.

3. FMovies

FMovies is also a website that allows users to stream movies and download them as well. But this website is not very safe to use. First, the website has continuously appearing pop-up ads and second, these ads may contain viruses or malware that may harm your device.

So, it is recommended that before using such sites you install a good antivirus to protect your device. Other than that, the website is very easy to use and has a vast library of movies and TV shows.

The site is free to use but if you want to get updated regularly about the new releases, you can subscribe to the site. The hidden gem about this website is that if the video you wish to watch is not on the website, you can send a special request to the owners.

4. 123Movies

Most of you must be aware of this site beforehand. It is a pretty popular website for streaming movies and shows online. It is hosted by Vietnam and is one of the most loved websites around the world.

The interface of the website is very simple and easy to use. It features the IMDB rating, release year, genre and other related things about the videos. This makes it very convenient for the users to select from the wide range that 123Movies offers them.

You can also search the video of your choice not only by name but through genres and release year as well. You can also download the videos if you wish to through the given link.

However, the official website is not functional and the websites you find with the same name are mere clones of the original one. But they also come with the same features and thus, are equally useful and enjoyable.

5. AZMovies

AZMovies is said to have the most comprehensive library of movies out of the sites that are into the streaming business. They provide a wide variety of movies and TV shows to the users. This keeps the users satisfied.

They also have an official Reddit account in case you want to keep yourself updated about the latest releases on the website. The most loved thing about this website is the Featured Section which allows you to see popular movies among other viewer.

Another prominent feature of the website is that it provides several other links to a video in case one of them is not functional.

6. YesMovies

The older version of this website has been shut down due to legal issues. But the new and revamped version is better than the previous one. YesMovies is faster and more appealing and has a wider variety of content for the users.

The minimalist homepage is a treat of the eyes and is also very simple to operate. It gives users three options to browse from: movies, TV shows and Search. When browsing you can all see details about the video you wish to watch. The details include a synopsis, length, genre, cast/crew and IMDB ratings.

You can even watch the trailer of the video before deciding whether you want to watch it or you want to keep searching for something new. All the videos are in HD or Cam quality and you can also watch content from other countries.

7. Viooz

Viooz is a top-charted online streaming website for watching and downloading movies and TV shows. Like its competitor websites, Viooz also distinguishes content based on IMDB rating, genre, year and top-rated movies. The interface is very responsive and simple to use.

The site also provides multiple links for streaming and downloading. Viooz offers 20+ genres to search from and is a very good alternative to GoMovies.

8. iOMovies

iOMovies is not a very popular website and some of you might have never even heard of it. But it is a very promising website. The interface of the website is pretty and appealing which makes it fun to browse.

It is also a free website and has a large range of movies and TV shows. Everything is sorted according to the IMDB ratings, year of release, genre and ratings. The videos are in HD resolution or Cam resolution.

It is a legal website and contains links to other websites where you can find the content of your choice. It may not be as good as Netflix or Prime videos but it surely is a good option.

9. Vidics

Very similar to all its competitor websites, Vidics also allows users to stream movies and TV shows and download them free of cost. But something about this site stands out, i.e, while using Vidics you can keep a track of what you are watching.

You can resume the movie or show you are watching exactly where you left it.
It also filters movies and shows according to the content you have watched earlier and figures out the type of content you would like to watch.

This website regularly gets updated with the latest content and is a useful alternative.

10. YouTube

You might be surprised to see YouTube on this list but it also has all the videos available on it. Not only does YouTube allow you to watch movies and shows but you can listen to music, watch other short or long videos as well.

Some movies may be available free of cost while you might need to pay for some. The basic plan for YouTube is free and may contain some ads. If you wish to get rid of the ads, you can also subscribe to the paid plan.

Every one of you must be aware of the interface, so that won’t be a problem. YouTube is the best alternative to watch not only movies but other online content as well.

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The list of alternatives can go on for a long time. With the evolution of media and technology, hundreds of sites that provide similar services come almost every day. No matter how easy and accessible these sites may seem, we must keep you well informed about the dangers that come with streaming free content.

Some sites may contain links to a third-party website that contain viruses and malware. They can severely damage your device and can cause unwanted hindrance in viewing. You must ensure that your device is protected with a good antivirus at all times.

If your device is protected and safe, you can binge-watch all the content to your heart’s desire, and that too for free.