Future Net Worth, Career, Life and Biography

American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn is better known by his stage name Future.

He also performs as Future. Billboard has called him the “Future of Music” because of his massive following and impressive rapping abilities. Only he has debuted two albums at the top of the Billboard charts back to back.


Future Net Worth

For his success in music, his cousin was the driving factor. “Future” appears to be the name given to Future’s amazing success and omnipresent chart dominance.

Future Expected Wealth

Around $40 million is the projected value of the Future. Among the world’s top-earning rappers, he is said to be among the top ten. In 2017 and 2018, he made $30 million in revenue through tours, endorsements, royalties, and other sources.

Between 2018 and 2019, Future made a total of $20 million from the sale of 3 billion streams of his music.

Future Childhood

As “Future,” Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn grew up in a household of street hustlers on the streets of Atlanta, Georgia. When he first joined the band “The Dungeon Family,” he was given the nickname “The Future.”

Rico Wade, a cousin of Future’s, encouraged and motivated the rapper to write songs and improve his rapping. Rico, Future’s cousin, has had a long and successful rapping career.

Future Career

It was in 2010 that Future began making a name for himself, releasing three mixtapes: “1000,” “Dirty Sprite,” and “True Story.” Epic Records signed him to Rocko’s A1 Recording, the label he shares with fellow American rapper Rocko, in September 2011.

This album was a turning point for hip hop and music in general after Future signed with A1 Records and released his debut album “Streetz Calling”.

Future and Gucci Mane collaborated on the album “Free Bricks” together. As part of the YC Single “Racks,” he has also contributed to the lyrics. When Atlanta strip club DJ Esco started paying Future songs at Magic City, Future fame skyrocketed.

In 2012, he released “Astronaut Status,” a new mixtape from him. However, the Future’s taste in music and rhythm was acclaimed, despite the fact that the mixtape didn’t perform well.

Then in the spring of 2012, he published his first album, Pluto. To join the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, Future first album, Future Shock Drake and Magic appeared on remixes of “Tony Montana” on the album.

Turn on the Lights, which peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100, was one of four hit singles from the album. Charts for hip-hop and R&B in the United States. Kanye West, Rihanna, Drake, and a host of other musicians contributed to Future 2014 album “Honest.”

Future released the albums “DS2” and “Evol” in 2015 and 2016, respectively. Future became the first rapper in a decade to have two number one albums in the same year with his album DS2 which sold more than 334000 copies in the United States alone.

It also debuted on the Billboard 100, Billboard R&B, and Billboard Hot Rap Songs lists. His albums, Future and HNDRXX, were both released in 2017. Back-to-back number ones on the Billboard 200 and Canadian Albums Chart made Future the first artist to achieve this feat in 2017.

In 2018, he collaborated on two albums with the late rapper Juice Wrld. The mixtape, titled “Wrld on Drugs,” premiered in the United States at number two. “The Wizard,” a song he wrote, was released to Apple Music on that date as well.

In the year 2019, he won a Grammy for Best Rap Performance. While working with Drake in 2020, he released two of his own solo tracks, “Life is Good” and “Desire”.

Future Life at Home

In the context of Future’s personal life, A total of six children have been born to Future, all of them come from different women. In total, he correctly names five out of the six females. Jessica Smith, Brittni Mealy, India J, Ciara, and Joe Chavis are the moms of his children.

Future proposed to Ciara in 2013, but the couple broke it off in 2014 after discovering that he had an extramarital affair. Zahir Wilburn was born to them in May of this year.

Jessica Smith and Ciara are suing Future. Future was sued by Jessica for neglecting his son, as well as for failing to pay child support. Ciara filed a defamation and slander lawsuit against Future, alleging that he slandered her in tweets depicting him assaulting her and obstructing her visitation rights. Paternity claims against Future were filed by two women in Florida and Texas in 2019. When they had children, they told everyone that the Future was their father. When it came to taking the DNA test, Future declined.

One of the two women However, Eliza Seraphin is still pursuing the case against Cindy Parker, who has since dropped her complaint. “Future promised to take care of the child financially,” she alleges, and she adds that she was in touch with him throughout her pregnancy.

Eliza is demanding the incarceration of the Future in 2020. Legendary TV personality Steve Harley’s daughter, Lori Harvey, is rumoured to be Future latest lady love interest.


Several of Future’s albums have broken sales records and sold millions of copies globally. To be referred to in the music industry as the “Future” is a huge accomplishment in and of itself.

Touted as one of the industry’s most prominent rappers, In the future, Future will break all records. Life’s cycle includes both failure and success, and each one is a recurrence. You must put in the effort and focus on the things you enjoy in order to attain the best results possible.