6 Best Alternatives To ‘Flipagram’

With many trending spaces which let people upload the videos they have coming into the picture, people are also eagerly looking for platforms that let them create videos even from photos and edit them. Well, one such platform is Flipagram.

Flipagram is a platform through which the user can create a video of many pictures and also it allows the user to add songs that the user desire to add which the user thinks would match.

A great plus point that this platform has is that it is directly linked to all the famous social media platform like Instagram, Facebook and others so the users can use this feature and straight away upload on these platform without having to go the long way.


In the realm of ever-evolving social media platforms, you may have come across the term “Flipagram”. But what exactly is Flipagram? How does it work? And most importantly, is it safe and free? This detailed guide will answer all these questions for you.

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What is Flipagram?

Flipagram was a popular app that allowed users to create short video stories with photos, music, and video clips. By combining multiple images or videos, users could create their own narratives or highlight reels. Adding to its appeal, Flipagram provided a library of millions of tracks to accompany these visual tales.

6 Best Apps Like Flipagram To Make Videos

Well, to just keep the options open for the people if due to any reason they are not able to use Flipagram then they could use these alternatives that we are listing down for you and one does not have to worry as these alternatives are equally good when compared with Flipagram. The list of the alternatives is given below to refer to.

1. FilmoraGo

Starting with the list, the first one is FilmoraGo. FilmoraGo is a one of the great platforms out there for the people to use. Through this platform, the users are able to make additions to videos like adding titles, effects, stickers and many other things making the video more attractive and the work more professional.

Through this platform, the users also have the option to edit the video frame by frame making the work precise.

It also lets the users share the videos the user has created on social media platforms. The only drawback that this platform has is lack of availability on multiple platforms. This platform can only used by people who have access to iOS.

2. Picflow

The next one on our list is Picflow. Picflow is another great application which can be used as an alternative to Flipagram. Like Flipagram, Picflow also lets its users create videos from multiple pictures and to make the video more attractive, it also lets the user add their desired songs that they wish to add.

To make the video more artistic, the users can also use the wide ranged library of filters that Picflow provides them with.

Well, this platform is also great to use for all the Instagrammers that want to create slideshows for their page. The interface that it provides the user with is quite easy and simple to use.

3. FlipJam

Continuing with our list, we have FlipJam. FlipJam is a platform that has proved its worth by gaining a place in top ten place of the list of photo applications. Through this platform, the users can create slideshows, mashups and what not!

The interface of this platform is also quite user-friendly. FlipJam allows its users to import unlimited pictures which they can use to create videos. Yes! That’s right. There is no limit on the number of pictures that one can import.

The platform also allows the users to add effects, stickers, doodles and much more to their videos.

4. Animoto

Coming up next on the list of 6 best alternatives to Flipagram is Animoto. As the name suggests, Animoto is a platform that lets the users create, edit, and animate videos according to their choice.

This platform is considered to be the best choice for the beginners that do not want to put much time in creating or editing and still would want a decent result.

For the convenience of the users, the platform is already embedded with video and photo kit that lets the users use in- depth features and ‘large fonts’. The drawbacks that this platform has is that the users are only allows to import limited pictures and the templates that this platform offers is comparatively less.

5. Video Show Pro

The next on the list is Video Show Pro. Video Show Pro is another excellent option for people to consider for video creating or editing. Though the platform only has minimum features, but through the features available also the users could create masterpieces.

The interface that the platform provides is simple and user-friendly. Also, there aren’t any ads on this platform. Users can easily access social media to upload content from this platform.

6. Vizmato

Last but not least on the list is Vizmato. This is another great alternative to Flipagram that users can use to create content. This application is mostly used by Instagrammers to create or edit short clips to create reels for their page. The interface is pretty simple and easy to use.

Is Flipagram Still Working?

As of my last update in 2022, Flipagram had been acquired by TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, in 2017. After the acquisition, Flipagram was rebranded as Vigo Video. Over time, the original Flipagram services and features merged into the broader ByteDance ecosystem, including platforms like TikTok.

So, while you won’t find the standalone app named “Flipagram” anymore, its spirit and functionalities live on through other popular apps.

Who is the Founder of Flipagram?

Flipagram was co-founded by Farhad Mohit, Cheerful, Inc.’s CEO. Farhad Mohit is an entrepreneur with a rich history in the tech world. Prior to Flipagram, he also co-founded BizRate (which later became Shopzilla) and Gri.pe.

Benefits of Flipagram:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: Creating videos was a breeze with Flipagram’s intuitive layout.
  2. Musical Library: The vast collection of songs allowed users to make their video stories even more personal and engaging.
  3. Social Sharing: Integration with major social media platforms meant that sharing your creations was just a tap away.
  4. Customization: Filters, effects, and editing tools enabled users to enhance their videos, making each one unique.
  5. Engaging Community: Like any social media platform, Flipagram fostered a community where users could discover, like, comment on, and share other users’ videos.

Is Flipagram Safe?

While Flipagram was generally safe to use, like all social media apps, there were concerns around privacy and the potential for misuse. It was crucial for users, especially younger ones, to be aware of the content they shared and to utilize the app’s privacy settings.

With any platform, it’s always recommended to regularly review permissions and be cautious of sharing personal information or content.

Is Flipagram Free?

Yes, Flipagram was primarily a free app. However, there were in-app purchases available for those looking to access premium features or content. While the basic functionalities were accessible without any charge, certain tracks or advanced editing features might have come at a cost.

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Hope that this list helps you by giving you different options that could be considered. Thank you for reading through. Happy Creating.

Flipagram left a mark in the world of social media, offering a platform that effortlessly combined photos, videos, and music into captivating stories.

While the original app may not exist under its initial name, its legacy remains. As always, when exploring and using social platforms, it’s essential to stay informed, safe, and enjoy the myriad of tools at our fingertips.