Female Athletes Are Undercovered. These Olympians

Alex Morgan’s life has been extremely busy during the past few years. She won the World Cup (again), filed a lawsuit against her workplace for discriminatory pay practises, and gave birth to her daughter Charlie in the midst of a global pandemic. She is currently a media mogul and soon to be a business owner.

Female Athletes Are Undercovered. These Olympians

Morgan has teamed up with Sue Bird, Simone Manuel, and Chloe Kim to form TOGETHXR, which they define as a media and commerce organisation that aims to empower women’s voices, particularly but not exclusively in the realm of sports.

Female Athletes Are Undercovered. These Olympians

With this, they join the ranks of other athlete-founded media organisations including Derek Jeter’s The Players’ Tribune, LeBron James’ UNINTERRUPTED, and Kevin Durant’s Thirty Five Ventures.

Morgan predicted last month that the SheBelieves Cup would be a game-changer the day after she played in her second international soccer match in in 20 months. “A first of its kind initiative to build a network and a stage by female athletes for female athletes.”

Morgan collaborated with an eclectic group of sportsmen who have garnered widespread acclaim for their achievements in a variety of sports. Bird won four crowns in the Women’s National Basketball Association and four medals in the Olympics. On her way to become the first Black woman to win an individual event in Olympic swimming, Manuel created history at the 2016 Rio Games by bringing home four medals.

In addition, Kim won the gold medal in the snowboard halfpipe event at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. (Many people thought that Kim, then just 13, would have been eligible for the same prize in 2014, but she was too young to be considered.)

The company’s creators think they’ve launched TOGETHXR at a critical juncture for women’s sports, and they surely hope so. Organizations with new formats, such as Athletes Unlimited’s volleyball and softball leagues, are emerging, while women’s soccer leagues are expanding across Europe and the NBA thanks to players’ demands for social justice.

The importance of these women using their platforms to literally effect political and cultural change is at a fever pitch, according to Jessica Robertson. “There is more conscious investment and viewership, engagement is growing, cultural rhetoric is there,” she said. To which this brand adds, “And this brand is coming alongside or perhaps just behind that momentum.”


The founders are well aware of the importance of passing the baton on to new leaders and are willing to do so. “The company is less about me, less about Alex, less about Chloe, and less about Simone,” Bird remarked.

We’re discussing the dearth of media attention given to women athletes, so there’s always room for improvement in how the four of us are portrayed in the press. But this wasn’t for our generation; it’s about the next.