5 Best ERP Software For Your Company

ERP stands for Enterprise resource planning. This is software that integrates the system of key internal so that your business can handle every operation with a lot of precision and efficiency. Later on this ERP software was costly enough and was not affordable and Samba was out of the price that’s the benefits of ERP Software were disposal of some of the larger enterprises.

Although, it has been changed with the growth of Saas. Now every company can access the solution of cloud ERP but a new challenge has been created with this. It has become very tricky challenge to find out the best ERP software. But don’t worry as in this article, we have provided top 5 ERP software for the need of your company. All of ERP Software are hand picked and mentioned with their benefits and essential other information. So that you can find out one best software by matching your needs and features provided by the specific software.

Top 5 ERP software For Your Company

This article contains a list of top 5 ERP software for you company starting from best to good enough. You can have a look on this article to find on best software according to your need. So let’s start the article.

1. NetSuiteERP

NetSuite ERP software is a reliable one which provides s lot of useful and essential features to fulfill every need of a growing company. For a large or a medium sized businesses, this software is found to be an ideal platform. Being central hub for the process of your company, it helps to integrate inventory management, to fix the assets, billing, order management and financial management. It manages the financial record of your company, controlling and tracking expenses. It allows you to monitor your critical metrics in the form of overall performance in financial in real time. It even provides a plan of free trial so that you can try it for free and can buy if you found it useful.

2. Odoo

Odoo is an ERP software which works on open source framework and is a management solution which is a fully packed. It provides many useful features such as it provides you module for inventory, human resources, managing the project, purchasing of manufacture and a guide of back-office app.

The wonderful thing about this software is that it provides an app for free of cost for its fifty lucky users. This platform is a good source to have compatible apps so that you get many more functions as this is an open source platform. It develops more than 300 apps on monthly basis to increase the productivity and business operations. You can choose any module from a list of 1000 modules.

3. SageIntacct

Sage Intacct claims as “only ERP you will need” and which is not basis. It provides a wide range of modules which mostly covers all the process of transactions. It provides a feature called core accounting from the accounts which are either to receive or to pay to manage your cash. It handles your assets which are fixed, billing subscription and contracts.

It is supportable with global consolidations, handle many entity at time and use the process of tax. You can apply this system to a huge variety of industries such as retail, wholesale, healthcare and many more and this is an ideal platform for areas having strict regulations of finance.

4. SapERP

SAP ERP platform whose main aim is to properly streamline all the operations and processes of your company. It makes sure to handle all the parts from your business like chain of supply, lifecycle of your product, human capital, financial condition and the relationship of customer with your company. It is modified for performing various operational enterprises which are having complicated workflow.

You an use its cloud based technology or the hybrid system. You are allowed to have the advantage of both of the available setups. It provides you an opportunity to enjoy full web enable support so that you can consistent your time when required.

5. Scoro

As a lot of ERP apps are specially designed for large enterprises, but the Scoro all is mainly designed for medium and small sized enterprises in various fields like consulting, advertising, information technology and some other field of similar aspects. It offers many powerful features which helps you to increase productivity and collaboration.

It is provided with a user friendly and simple interface which makes sure that you are using your little time to train people the proper use of this app that’s why you mostly focus on the business requirements. You whole database is accessible by any of the members of team.


We have comprises a proper list of top 5 ERP software for your company. Choosing a best ERP software is difficult enough as there exists a lot of such software in the market. That’s why you may get confused while choosing one best software from this vast list. But we have provided you best software in this article so that you can choose one from them. Hope you will find it useful.