Does Becky Have an Abortion on Friday Night Lights

Becky, a sophomore at a public high school, finds out she’s pregnant after having an inappropriate sexual encounter with Luke, a junior at the same school. She reveals that she has come to him seeking financial assistance in order to have an abortion.

He initially agrees to assist, but then expresses concern over his impending dismissal. She is firm in her resolve, but her distress is palpable.

Does Becky Have an Abortion on Friday Night Lights

Does Becky Have an Abortion on Friday Night Lights

A while later, Becky opens up to her buddy Tim about the situation, admitting that she is at a loss. She meets Tami, the wife of his previous coach (who is also a high school principal).

Tami advises Becky to notify her mother and goes over her alternatives with her. Tami tells Becky, “I can lead you to literature for that,” when the latter expresses interest in finding out what she can do if she decides she does not want to have children.

Rebecca breaks the news to her mom, Cheryl. Cheryl loses her cool during the informed consent statement at her daughter’s doctor appointment and maintains the abortion will go forward no matter what her daughter decides. But it’s unclear whether or not Becky actually wants this.

At the same time, Luke reveals to his father that he has gotten a girl pregnant. His parents are thrilled to hear the news, and they quickly begin making plans to assist him and Becky as new parents.

Becky Goes to Tami for Guidance Once More.

There’s a part of her that wonders if she’d be a decent mother, but she also knows she can’t afford to have a kid. In addition, she is concerned that, like her mother, she would grow to loathe her child if she becomes a teen mother.

To which Tami responds, “Do you think I’m going to hell if I get an abortion?” Contrary to what you may have heard, Tami does not agree. Becky inquires of Tami what advice she would give her own adolescent daughter. Tami adds that she would tell her daughter to think about her own life and what she wants, and that she would support any decision her daughter made.

After some time passes, Luke calls Becky to offer his assistance in taking care of the baby. Becky assures him that she has already handled the situation and that her choice was the best possible one.


Few years ago, this would have received an A+. However, there are a few instances of dramatic overkill in this tale. The evolution of television has made it so that portrayals of abortion on screen don’t always have to be framed as a morally complex issue (see Girls, Scandal).

I hope that soon, a teen on television will be able to have an abortion without first having to break down in tears. Big kudos for actually having Becky do it, though. Thanks for reading our Article Does Becky Have an Abortion on Friday Night Lights.