Top 6 Data Center Trends in 2023

Data centers tend to adjust the way they operate based on many different factors. In 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic caused a plethora of major changes, businesses needed to rely more on cloud services with high security in order to stay in operation. Inevitably, this led to the trend of digitalization worldwide into 2023.

This will have an impact for many years to come as more and more people come to rely on digital services. There is certainly a huge opportunity for data centers to grow as a business as well.

Data Center Trends

2023 Data Center Trends

In this article, you will learn about some of the Atlanta data center trends of 2023 that could have an impact on the future of digitized storage services.

1. The Growth of Data Centers

Data centers are operating at a bigger and faster scale in order to keep up with the demands of their users. They are also becoming more efficient in order to meet the challenge within the data storage industry. With the strong effects of the ongoing pandemic, it was no surprise that businesses would have to rely on data centers more frequently. Data centers have had to increase their workload in order to meet the demands of their customers and the advancement of digitalization.

Another result in the growth of digitized cloud storage is that there are more new data centers being built in many different places to benefit the businesses that use them. Data centers will continue to grow in size and efficiency as long as people rely on their services.

Now more than ever, having digital solutions to former problems have become imperative to keeping businesses afloat. Many people also believe that data centers will continue to experience massive growth, even after the pandemic has come to an end.

2. 5G

The growth of data centers have also enhanced the rise of 5G technology. Many carriers have come to realize just how fast and reliable 5G technology actually is. Data centers are directly responsible for the rise in demand of 5G technology. At this rate, it seems that 5G technology will only continue to grow even further and may emerge in new areas.

Data centers will continue utilizing the technology to their benefit so they can help the businesses that rely on them. There are plans to build edge data centers outside of major metropolitan areas so smaller towns and businesses can also properly use them. 5G technology is now in higher demand, and data centers are working hard to meet those demands.

3. Growth in Security

Now that data centers are more in demand than ever, they have needed to increase security measures to prevent hacking, vandalism, and identity theft. This can include new methods of security, adding more security cameras, virus protection programs, and more training for data center employees. Businesses have come to heavily rely on data centers to store their data safely.

It would only be detrimental to both the business and the data center if someone else got their hands on their personal information. Visitors are more heavily monitored when they go into data centers, even if they are maintenance workers. All of these measures were absolutely necessary for the advancement of data centers and their overall security levels.

4. Renewable Energy

Data centers have helped to pave the way for more sources of renewable energy. Google and Switch have announced that they are implementing lithium-ion batteries into their data centers.

Even in 2023, there are plans to push the use of renewable energy for cloud storage areas. This could inspire many other businesses to switch to renewable energy. This can result in growth of carbon-free electric grids, which will make great impacts on the environment. In time, data centers will be able to overcome some of the most common issues with renewable energy sources.

5. Data center Mergers

Data center mergers and acquisitions seem to be rising at an all-time high since 2020, going well into 2023. Canada and Europe have especially worked hard to add more capacity to their data centers. Many companies are working to become potential buyers in order to advance the M&As of data centers.

Most of these buyers are aiming to achieve organic growth through mergers and acquisitions, especially in 2023. They have big plans to advance the operation of data centers in order to achieve their ambitions. In time, many people will be able to see how widespread the use of data centers and other types of digital infrastructure has become.

6. Growth of Automation

Growth of Automation

Data centers are also responsible for the widespread growth of automation and robotics within different facilities. They use robots to fix and install servers, provide higher levels of security, among other tasks. Because of the pandemic, having to rely on automation and robotics is more common than it used to be since robots can continue working while human operators can focus on staying safe and healthy during the pandemic.

Many operators have already put these robots in place to keep their business running in full force and some are even using robotics teams. As a result, there are robotics companies that help design and operate the robots data centers use on their sites.

Once data center management teams came to realize just how important robots are in their workplace, they wanted to implement automation systems more frequently. By doing this, they would be able to have better security, higher efficiency, and growth in business.


Many data centers have worked hard to expand all across the world to benefit different businesses. The pandemic caused people to rely on them more frequently than before, causing them to work to meet higher demands. Data centers have grown in many ways since 2020 and will continue to grow even more in 2023 and beyond, thanks to many advancements in operation and technology.