15 Best Alternatives To ‘CricHD’

Those old days are gone away when sports lovers use TV to stream their favorite sports. Nowadays, in the world of digitality, all people use their smartphones, PC or other smart devices to stream various online games like cricket and all other games.

There exists a lot of platforms that provide you the opportunity for love streaming of various sports in good HD quality from all around the world. One of the top websites for that purpose is Crichd.com which is the most popular and is used in all around the world to stream live sports for free of cost.

This website receives a lot of traffic from various sports lovers from all around the world at every month. Users visit this website to stream online cricket and other sports and games. You can have all its games such as tennis, cricket, rugby, football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, hockey, and golf streaming in good HD quality.


CricHD website also provides you the schedule, fixtures, stats, and ranking of various sports such as cricket and others.

It allows you the live streaming of various matches from teams all over the world such as Australia, New Zealand, England, South Antarctica, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Bangladesh, England, and many others.

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It even allows you to stream Leagues such as IPL, NatWest, CPL, IPL, BBL, and all others.

Cricket, a sport that captures the hearts of millions, has seen a plethora of online platforms vying to deliver live action to fans. CricHD has been one such standout name. If you’re new to this platform or seeking more information, our comprehensive overview has you covered.

What is CricHD?

CricHD is an online streaming platform tailored primarily for cricket enthusiasts. Offering live streams of cricket matches from various parts of the world, it has been a go-to destination for many looking to catch their favorite teams in action without the constraints of cable or satellite TV.

15 Best Alternatives to CricHD

It contains 15 platforms that you can use to watch live crickets and other favorite games. These websites can be used as the best alternative to CricHD. So let’s move to our article.

1. Hotstar

Hotstar is a most popular platform and reputed website which offers a very secure and fast server for the streaming of online videos. The owner of this website is Novi Digital Entertainment and it is a subsidiary of the Private Limited of Star India.

It provides you the online streaming of a lot of sports, TV shows, and movies in various languages of about 100,000+ hours. It provides you a better experience of good HD videos. You just need to have a good connection to WiFi or a mobile network to enjoy streaming on HotStar.

It provides you the best quality of video playback by using the technologies of the latest streaming. There exists millions of viewers on this platform.

2. SonyLiv

The owner of Sony Liv is Sony Pictures Networks and this is one of the most popular websites for streaming cricket and various other sports in good HD quality. It offers you a lot of criteria for entertainment such as sports, movies and other TV shows.

It provides you the live streaming of various sports in a very good HD quality such as T20 cricket, WWE, NBA, tennis, racing, fight sports, and a lot of others. Not only that it also offers movies and TV shows in various genres.

It offers a user-friendly interface having the principles of strong designs. It also keeps you updated with new releasing sports, shows, and movies.

3. PTVSportsLive

PTV which stands for Pakistan Sports Live is a sports channel at the national level for Pakistan country. It allows the live streaming of crickets and various other sports in good HD quality all over the world.

This platform is a one-step solution for live streaming of a lot of sports such as hockey, cricket, tennis, football, wrestling, and many others. This website has proved to be the best for users from all around the world and has never disappointed any user from any world.

It allows live streaming of sports, matches from the previous games and also the analysis of games. One of the best features of this website is that it provides a good quality of streaming even if you have a bad internet connection.

4. SkySports

Sky sports is also one of the most popular sports channels for streaming sports for users from all around the world. This website has turned out to be the key player in the world of Digital TV for many years.

This one has become the most popular and used by a millions of people from all around the world. It has secured its name in the list of best platforms in live streaming of sports.

It allows the live streaming of many games like cricket, Rugby, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Boxing, and others. It provides a high quality of videos in a high speed.

5. CricFree

If you want a free streaming platform of sports that makes sure that the users get a better experience of streaming on that site. Then you must surely try cricfree.org website for that purpose.

It provides a very user-friendly website to its users which makes the website more attractive most specially for the game such as American Football, Golf, and Baseball etc. It provides you a schedule for various shows having the information of matches which are about to come.

It provides you the link to videos which you are looking for and those links are active and updated. It shows you the ads sometimes but that are not too much that’s why it is not that irritating.

6. CrackStreams

Crackstrems website is a simple website that allows streaming of various live sports and this website is easy to access. It offers a lot of sports to the users and all for free of cost without making any kind of charges for it.

It provides you the link to various games such as NBA season, MMA, NFL, UFC tournaments, and other matches of boxing on its website. Navigating and finding the content which you are looking for is very easy and straightforward on this website.

But you also have to make sure to activate your VPN before you are going through click on that link just for your data security.

7. Myp2p

Myp2p was a blogging space earlier but now it has become a platform for entertainment. In case you are a cricket or football lover, then you will surely fund out all the match stream on this platform. By this statement, we don’t mean that all the other sports are not available on this platform.

All the sports which you are looking for are available on this website to stream. It provides you the link of all the videos and it updates it all the time for about 5 minutes to make sure that all the links are active. The one drawback of this website is just you will have to make some search to find out your video.

8. ReadStream

On this platform, you can enjoy live streaming of various games like Football, Baseball, Basketball, Ice hockey etc. After connecting to this website, all the streaming which are live and are broadcasting currently gets appear on its home page.

On the top menu of this website, it provides you the link of a lot of sports so that you can find out the sports which are about to come even live sports or upcoming sports.

9. BatmanStream

Batmanstream is one of the best string websites which lets you to enjoy free sports. This website appears in the list of best websites and it has gained a lot users who uses it regularly. It allows you to stream every sports which you want to stream.

It provides you a nice categorized content on its home page. It even allows you to search for any leagues or competitions and this is the best part for all football fans from all around. Some of the links are unavailable in some of the users in which it is restricted.

10. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is one of the very popular websites for streaming live sports as it main focus is on Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, Football, and Soccer. It claims that it is a legal website although there is some controversy on it.

This website is not 100% legal. Although this website provides you a very high quality live sports in HD and all these are available for free of cost without charging any kind of money for its services. It provides you some invasive advertisements but you will have to go through it for enjoy live streaming for free.

11. LiveTV

LiveTV is also a best website for streaming free sports in Europe and is the best one worldwide. It provides you a very attractive user interface and is also very easy to use. It provides all the sports in a well-categorized manner.

The main of this website is on the events and sports of Europe that’s why it provides a lot of contents which are not available on other such websites. It is available in five different languages which you can choose according to you and it announces upcoming streamings before event day.

12. FromHot

FromHot is also one of the best websites in which you can stream live sports. All the sports and its events are available on this website. You will surely find all your favorite sports on this platform. No matter which sport you are looking for, it will surely available here.

It provides a clean and easy interface and you can find out your favorite content easily. A list of events that are live at the moment are available on the home page. The best part is that there is no need to make any kind of registration for using this website.

13. VipBox

VipBox website is available in the world of streaming for more than five years. It keeps attracting more users to its site and keeps going for many years because it provides reliable links of the activity stream for nearly all available sports.

It is available in about 7 languages and provides links to events and sports worldwide. It is available in a nice design and also provides maximum uptime which makes it best. It keeps updating the URL that’s why it may be confusing to keep track of the website.

14. WatchSportOnline

Watchsportonline only allows content in the best HD quality and this is the wish for every user. This is easy to use the website and has an intuitive interface. You will also have a Live button on the top, by clicking on which you can directly access to the events or sports which are live at that specific time.

You can also search for your favorite games which you want. This website allows live streaming in good HD quality for streaming every sport. You will have to sign up on this platform to enjoy streaming on it.

15. BossCast

Our last but not least alternative website is Bosscast which is also a platform for streaming live cricket and other sports. It provides many live sports but it does not provide a menu for navigating the section of your favorite sports.

On its home page, a list of live sports and upcoming sports are available. Links of some cable TV such as EuroSport, ESPN, FoxHD, NBA HD, TSN, and a lot of others are available on its sidebar.

As you know that the live contents are illegal and this website may install some of the malware on your device. That’s why you must have a good active VPN and a string and updated antivirus in your device.

Is CricHD Still Working?

The online world of streaming is constantly evolving, with platforms frequently facing challenges related to copyright issues and broadcasting rights. CricHD, like many others in the industry, has had its share of ups and downs.

While its original site has faced interruptions, several mirror sites claiming to be CricHD have surfaced. However, it’s essential for users to exercise caution, as the authenticity and safety of these mirror sites can vary.

Who is the Founder of CricHD?

The identity of the individual or group behind CricHD remains a mystery. Such anonymity is common among free streaming platforms, likely due to the potential legal implications associated with their operations.

Benefits of CricHD:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: CricHD covers a broad range of cricket events, from international tournaments to domestic leagues.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use, the platform allows users to quickly navigate to their desired match stream.
  3. Multi-Sport Streaming: While cricket is its primary focus, CricHD occasionally offers streams of other sports events, enhancing its appeal to a broader audience.
  4. Mobile Compatibility: With the rise of mobile viewership, CricHD’s compatibility with mobile devices ensures fans can watch on the go.

Is CricHD Safe?

Safety is paramount when navigating online streaming platforms. CricHD, with its free model, has been ad-supported, leading to pop-ups and redirects. Some of these can be intrusive or potentially harmful.

Users are advised to ensure they have a reliable antivirus program and consider using a VPN to enhance security. Additionally, when accessing mirror or clone sites, it’s vital to be wary of potential security risks.

Is CricHD Free?

One of CricHD’s significant attractions is its free access. Users can stream matches without incurring any charges. However, the trade-off for this free access comes in the form of ads, which serve as the site’s primary revenue source.

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This article provides you a list of the best websites that you can use to stream live crickets and many other games. These websites can be used as the alternative to the best website CricHD.

You can go through our article to find out the best website for streaming live cricket. Hope at the end of this article you will surely find out one best website an according to your need and the one which you found to be the best.