Top 10 Games Like Corruption Of Champions

Corruption of champions is a text-based fantasized game. The game comprises of a village with well-known traditions in which every year one champion among the people is chosen to fight the demons to protect the entire village.

In the game, there are various characters which the hero will meet over the time of his journey such as camp recruiters, persistent assistance, encounters.

The player, in the game, will be provided with transformative items focusing on the appearance, weapons, armor and clothing, various other necessities, and key items that be helpful for the player.

The entire game is set up in a variety of background locations such as forest, lake, desert, mountains, plains, etc.

Top 10 Games Like Corruption Of Champions

Corruption Of Champions

Dungeons in various stages of the gameplay a major role. The player will be given tasks and activities, completion of which will move forward in the game. There are many more interesting games just like corruption of champions such as:

1. The Poor

It is said to be the best alternative to the corruption of champions because it is very similar to that. The Poor is a text-based adventure game where players can communicate, earn rewards and points by completing the quests and various missions to move forward in the game.

Users are recommended to play this game using a windows operating system. Players have the feature where they can customize their avatars in the game as per the required profile.

2. Flexible Survival

This game is developed based on a true incident that happened in the year 2008 inclusive of science fiction content and combat. The game can be accessed through windows, android, and IOS devices. A player has to survive from the military after an outbreak of a virus in the entire city by completing the respective missions.

The setup of the entire game consists of hunting areas, infections, quests, and combat regions. Single and multiplayer options are available for all the users to play. The graphics and animation have been attractive features for the users.

3. My Very Own Lith

It is called MVOL. The game is about a play of a cat called Lith, whose appearance and gender can be customized as per the choice of the player during the beginning of the game. There are three versions of this game namely the public version, the supporter version, and the deluxe version.

Players have to use flash player to access this game. This game is created by Lithier, a graphical designer and programmer. The game is an adventure based on text.

4. Fall Of Eden

The creator of this game is Alder. Customization of the player and the appearance is available during the beginning of the game. The game involves a player who finds a magical gemstone in a house nearby his neighborhood. Using the gemstone leads the player to another world consisting of demons and nightmares.

He comes to a situation in which he starts to discover the bridge between the earth and hell. The entire game is designed to be a text-based descriptive adventure. There are a wide number of characters and has a deep designing imagination.

The player has to complete many quests to reach the end of the game, which is highly challenging. This game is preferable to those who like this genre, to enjoy the game entirely.

5. Kingdom Of Loathing

This game was launched at the beginning of the year 2003, by the developer Zack Johnson. Users can easily access this game for playing without any complexity of downloading specific software or applications. This game is not restricted to a single player as it is highly played by multi-players. The uniqueness in this game is the stick figures used as characters who will have multiple weapons in hand to proceed in the game.

Defeating the monsters, completing the missions will lead to acquiring more experience points, rewards, skills, and various products. Players can also start to build a farm or trade to increase their points and economy by developing it.

As the level of the same increases, new challenging quests along with more areas for the usage of the player will be unlocked. Tattoos and trophies are also earned by the characters for completing various missions.

6. Free Cities

This game is recommended only for adults and not for kids. It is a text-based game that can be accessed only by those users who can run HTML files in their web browser. If any user doesn’t have the access to run an HTML file can download the specific software or upgrade their system to access the game later on.

The game is based on nine cities that are independent and powerful. They initiate to have trade with seven kingdoms across their areas on the maps. The creators of the game have ensured to work on the graphics indicates the level, power, and the members around of the game. The map shown is where the entire game revolves around.

It was the creator’s first game to create. Players have to complete the quests, missions to earn rewards and points that will help them move forward in the game. Training, selling, purchasing, managing the manpower, in simple terms, the slaves are also taught to the players to make the best efficient use of them. Customization of the players as per their choice is not possible in this game.

7. Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventures

This game was officially launched in the year 2012. It is known for its background effects and music while playing the game. It is also a text-based adventure game that is well structured and designed. Users having Microsoft software and Macintosh OSX software can download the game easily.

The plot of this game begins in Tokyo city where individuals give data to certain corporations using the cybernetics implants. One of the individuals makes a wrong deal at a stretch and becomes a wanted man around the entire city. This game has three different versions beginning with standard, collector, and then deluxe.

It was known as one of the best 50 games, gaining attention and likeability from the players and media. In the year 2012, the game was known as one of the top 10 games by Indie games.

8. Trials In Tainted Space

It is one of the well-known alternatives of corruption of champions. This game is only recommended to those users who are adults and not kids. It enables the players to explore an unknown galaxy completely. Players have the option of customizing themselves in the game.

The location of the game includes the seasonal visits, ships of various characters in the game, space stations that can travel from one location to location, planets, and the dungeons mainly.

Players are equipped with weapons, armor, key items, consumables as per the requirement in each level, accessories, and clothes. Unfortunately, steam does not run this game in its software application. There are cheat codes available in the game that allows the players to edit the game or restart or refresh the game.

9. Gift of Phallius 2: The Key to Eternity

This game was officially released at the beginning of the year 2006. There are originally four parts to the entire series of the gift of Phallius, out of which key to eternity is the second one. Users can download the game. But if they choose to play the game through the web browser, it needs to be accessed with a specific file.

GoblinBoy is known to be the creator of this game and the series entirely. The player is a girl who is the age of 14, known as princess Dalia. This game is only recommended to users who are 18+, strictly not below 18 years.

10. Carnal Souls

The game is a text-based adventure recommended only for adults, originally developed by the artist Benji. The game consists of cities, regions, caves, and dungeons where combat with enemies takes place. Players can cast spells on the enemies to win over them.

As the level increases, players will receive high-quality powers to move forward in the game. By completing the quests and missions, players can earn points, rewards and can their nickname of the player profile. Players are given the feature to customize their game avatar with the choices created as per the nature of the game.

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There are many more countless numbers of games similar to corruption of champions, but the above-mentioned games are the best alternatives one can choose. Even though they are similar to the corruption of champions, the storyline of each game varies which makes them unique from each other.

Users can play games as per the file or software requirements of each game, certain games can directly be played through a browser without having to download any file or specific software. Users to ensure that the software or file they download in the device is safe from virus and malware issues.