Coronavirus Survivors in Danger of Heart Damage Year After Infection, Report Says

The coronavirus survivors are at risk. This new report states that the coronavirus survivors who have never been too sick when they first got the infection are at a higher risk now of getting some serious heart problems one year after the initial infection had taken place.

Heart issues can even claim the life of people. The study had been made, and it was what the report is stating. This is a matter of serious concern.

Coronavirus Survivors in Danger of Heart Damage Year After Infection

The study that had been made found out this info that the non-hospitalized patients who have suffered from the infection had a 39% increased risk of developing heart failure compared to the people who have not been infected by the virus in the first place.

This is according to the Bloomberg report. The risk will be equal to the severity of the infection that the person had gone through.

Coronavirus Survivors in Danger of Heart Damage Year After Infection, Report Says

However, we must let you know before you start to panic that there is still no certain facts that we can provide in order to support this new development and info. Ziyad Al-Aly, who is known as the director of the clinical epidemiology center at the Veterans Affairs St. Louis Health Care System, said that  these after-effects that the report is talking about is all “substantial.”

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“Governments and the health systems are in dire times, and they need to immediately wake up to the reality of the situation that COVID is presenting, the coronavirus is not going to go away, but it will cast a tall shadow in the form of long COVID, and that is going to be having some devastating consequences.

I am concerned that concentrating on other stuff, we are not talking about this seriously enough,” he said.

Final Words

Johns Hopkins had joined in on the discussion, and then he went ahead and posted on the website that the blood tests that have been done on the patients are known to have shown that some COVID-19 patients have elevated levels of troponin in their blood.

This is an indicator of damaged heart tissue. We will keep you updated on this matter at hand.