7 Exciting Car Tech Features You Can Expect in 2020 Vehicles

The automotive industry is changing fast because of the involvement of technology. The auto shoppers are so interested to buy new vehicles with innovative technologies. And, that’s why auto manufacturers along with their IT partners are trying to bring new and advanced cars every year.

The auto manufacturers and tech companies are paving their way to increase the entertainment, style, and safety of automobiles. The advanced features will not only be available in luxury cars but also in the affordable models of new cars. The technology-based features will be the most noticeable and in-demand in the future.

Exciting Car Tech Features You Can Expect in 2020 Vehicles

Are you interested to know about the most interesting automobile tech features that are launched this year? If yes, you are in the right place.

Learn about these exciting car features we are going to discuss and make sure to keep them in mind if you are going to buy a vehicle soon. Along with that, you can Car Rental Dubai in Dubai to enjoy the ride of techy vehicles without costing a bank.

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Top 7 Exciting Car Features of 2020

The top exciting features of 2020 vehicles are as follows:

  • Remote control start and smart parking
  • Bluetooth car technology
  • Wireless Apple Car Play
  • Backseat reminders
  • Assisting steering technology
  • Electric Automobiles
  • Driver Drowsiness Detection

1. Remote Control Start and Smart Parking

The amazing feature is available in a few autos and it allows people to start their vehicles from quite far. Just imagine sitting in a cozy warm vehicle in the extreme winter season just because you start the heater before while you are inside your home.

Along with that, the smart parking assistant remote was also introduced and it helps vehicles to park themselves, and guess what? Drivers don’t have to be present behind the steering wheels. Hyundai has introduced this amazing feature this year and it helps a lot to save your time and effort.

2. Bluetooth Car Technology

The Bluetooth feature is present in many vehicles for years now but it was limited to just listening to music. But, for now, you can make phone calls, listen to messages or music while driving. You don’t need any wire or SD card. Just sync your phone with your car and you are ready to go.

3. Wireless Apple Car Play

Apple along with its technology partners has introduced the amazing feature of wireless Apple car play. This feature doesn’t require any type of wire or USB cable to connect your phone with the vehicle.

Wireless Apple Car Play

It can easily be used in vehicles with Wi-Fi. Although this technology is launched it is just available in a handful of cars by now. It is estimated to be increased in the upcoming years.

4. Backseat Reminders

This feature is quite interesting as it reminds you of whether you opened the car back door or not while setting off and arriving at your destination. Many well-known auto manufacturers are trying to add this feature to their new vehicles.

5. Assisting Steering Technology

Many of you might have heard of self-driving cars but that concept is still on level 4 and needs some improvements before its launch. But many systems like Tesla’s autopilot mode use cameras and proper sensors to keep the vehicle in the lane. Some vehicles are even able to take control of the vehicle if the driver falls asleep or in the case of an accident.

6. Electric Automobiles

The concept of electric vehicles was just an idea some years before and most people did not rely on the performance of these automobiles before. But, a lot of things have changed recently and electric cars are not only working fine but they are also quite friendly for the environment.

Thanks to the automakers like Tesla who are bringing the revolution in the automotive industry. Many upcoming vehicles like the jaguar, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, and Ford will be launched with the electric feature.

7. Driver Drowsiness Detection

One of the most leading causes of accidents is the drowsiness and tiredness of drivers while driving a vehicle. This feature is introduced to address this problem and monitor driver behavior.

It is all done by the different cameras and sensors to analyze the driver attributes like his position, droopy eyes, and ability to stay within the lane. This feature doesn’t only detect those issues but also warns the driver by seat vibration or by using other clues.

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Final thoughts

Here we wrap up our details of the new and amazing automobiles tech features of 2020. These features were just the ideas a decade before but now they are the most important features and we can’t imagine our vehicles without them.

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