13 Bold Bob Haircuts

Looking for a new hair cut? Well, the new year makes us crave a lot of news. It’s the perfect time to step up your hair and change your look. The asymmetrical bob hairstyle is perfectly edgy and stylish.

The uneven style of the cut is what is most alluring for the people. One side is worn longer while the other is shorter, giving it an asymmetric look.

You might be a little scared because it sounds a little risky but the end result is beautiful and once you get this cut, you will wonder why you have never gotten this cut before.

The difference in the length of your hair on the two sides depends on you. So you can choose whatever length disparity you prefer.


Is The Asymmetrical Bob Still In Style?

The hairstyle first emerged a hundred years ago and has been known as the bob hairstyle ever since. There have been variations in it over the passage of time. However, it is still fresh in 2023. The style depends upon the creativity of the hairdresser too.

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It is ever-evolving and thus still very much in style. Asymmetrical bobs can be smooth and polished or it can be layered and textured. The style totally depends upon what you want to get done.

13 Bold And Daring Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts

Well, today we have brought the 13 best asymmetrical bob hairstyles that we could find. Obviously, there are many more different bob hair styles but we picked the best ones out of the bunch. So without any further ado let’s get right into it.

1. Short Asymmetrical Bob

A short asymmetrical bob is great to have a youthful look. It stacks at the nape of the neck and the shorter side of this style rounds up under the jaw.

A center part is preferred to this style because of the glaring disparity between both sides of your hair. The balance necessary for your face needs to be maintained. If you do not want this much disparity then you can always shorten the longer side.

2. Side Swept

This is the one for people with thinner hair. Or if you have fine hair then this will work well on you. The blunt cut gives a great deal of volume to your hair. The style totally depends upon what you want, but it is kept at the chin level. It is sleek and enhances your facial features.

You can go full glam with bright red lipstick and dark eyes to complete this look. The styling and maintenance of the hair are also simple. You can do your hair quickly too. Fix it with hair spray in the end.

3. Punky Pixie

You have to embrace your inner punk to get this hairstyle. This cut is essentially a mix between a classic bob and asymmetrical pixie cut. It’s a pixie cut on one side of the hair and the bob hairstyle on the other. This is a look that screams edgy and sophisticated.

This cut can be easily got from the hair salon. It’s a very popular cut so they should know exactly what you are talking about. It helps if you take tips from your hairdresser on maintaining the style of your new hair.

4. Weave Asymmetrical Bob

Do you have wavy hair? Is it hard for you to get a wavy bob hairstyle? Are you disappointed because of this and cursing your natural waved? Do not worry because we have got you. The weave asymmetrical bob is for those people who have wavy hair. It adds a great bounce to your hair.

If you have fine or textured hair, then this one works too. The bang is swept sideways to add a bit of playfulness. It is super cute and adds a mysterious look to your face. It is definitely worth the money.

5. Short Asymmetrical Bob For Curly Hair

Standard bob haircuts are great. They are still in fashion and they are a classic. You would want this if you see it. Well maybe not everyone will want it but most of us do and it honestly looks great on a lot of people who have different face shapes too. The style obviously differs from person to person.

The short asymmetrical bob for curly hair is one that is the talk of the town. It’s new and edgy and grabbing everyone’s attention. They are very popular today and it can be stepped up using gorgeous blonde highlights.

6. Asymmetrical Short Bob With Bangs

An asymmetrical short bob with bangs and an elongated side is always great. It falls under the jawline and this look is timeless. This style is especially flattering for people with round faces and those with an extra layer of skin around their necks (you might know them as the infamous double chin).

An asymmetrical bob balances out the double chin. It is a great way to cover it up. People are usually insecure about their double chins but they can easily balance them out with an asymmetrical bob. If you are one of such people then you must try this style out.

7. Curly Asymmetrical Bob

Curls are never boring. If someone tells you that they are then throw them out of your life. You do not need such negative people in your life! Curls are exciting and you can always experiment with them. Asymmetric bob can look very different with curly hair.

But that change or differed look is in a good way. People say that you can not get an asymmetrical bob with curly hair but that’s a lie. You can try amping up your curls with soft layers. This style is great and if you have curly hair, you can definitely rock it

8. Long Asymmetrical Bob With Red Tips

The long asymmetrical bob is in demand still now. The length goes up to the collarbone. This is more often called the lob. If you are not ready to chop off your hair completely then you can go for this one first. This is a longer version so you can ease up a little.

You can also add red tips to make this look stand out more. Of course, if you prefer another color you can go with that too but make sure that the color is bold. It adds a spotlight to your face and people will surely notice you more with such a hairstyle.

9. Shave Side Asymmetrical Bob

This is an asymmetrical pixie, Bob. If you were wondering how versatile the bobs can be, you have got your answer with this one. It has a very short length in general so only go for it if you are ready for that commitment.

It has an ultra-short length that makes it seem like a mix between a pixie cut and a bob style. The style contains a stock stack at the nape. A shaved detail is left at the temple. You can also add side bangs to add a touch of femininity.

10. Layered Asymmetrical Bob

The asymmetrical bob provides the opportunity to play with dimension. You can style it in a sleek way. This is a great way to style up your hair. Layers should be added to the growth of the head and feed into long swept bangs. The layers add a new texture to the pack.

If you are looking for some texture and do not want a straight asymmetrical bob then this is the one for you. You can take the picture to your hairdresser. It is a very popular style and is rapidly gaining popularity.

11. Shaggy Style For A Medium Asymmetrical Bob

Let’s start with the fact that every one of us needs some color in our life. We also need it in our hair. Please throw away the wrong rumors that color destroys your hair. If you take good care of it, nothing can destroy your hair.

Put color in your medium asymmetrical bob. The use of muted pink rose is also good as a color choice. Why? A strawberry blonde asymmetric bob literally makes people turn their heads. It is a combination of passion and sweetness.

It is the perfect blend. Trust us when we say that you need to do this once in your life. It gives subtle dramatic effects to the hair that we can not explain.

12. Auburn Straight Asymmetrical Bob

Let us list something. The ways to turn head. First, get an asymmetrical bob. Second make the color of your hair stand out, like a bright warm shade of red. The third is getting the best parting according to the shape of the face.

You can get a side part and that will be the cherry on the top of the cake. Most people will stop to give you a second look with this hairstyle. The style is great and absolutely gorgeous. The personality we like this style a lot (maybe even more than all the others, but that’s a personal choice).

13. Side-Swept Curly Asymmetrical Bob

This is an elegant cut right off the bat. The side sweep is good with the asymmetrical curly bob style. It adds excitement and allure to the style. The hairstyle will catch everyone’s attention.

If you want to color your hair then leave dark roots which will make it look even more dramatic. The style is one of the best out there. Do not disregard it just because we included this at last place.

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We hope that this article has been proven as an article that is worthy enough to read. It is extremely exciting to get a new cut and a new style. When the new year is upon us, it is high time that we get a new us too.

And what better way to start the journey than getting a new hairstyle? We hope that you found your perfect asymmetrical bob hairstyle on the aforementioned list. Thank you for giving this a read. Do recommend this article to others. Have a nice day!