Barbra Streisands Cutest Family Moments With Her Grandkids

Barbra Streisand values her family time more than anything else. The star of “Funny Girl” and her husband, actor James Brolin, have a large blended family that they love dearly. You will feel all warm and fuzzy looking at pictures of their precious grandchildren.

Barbra Streisands Cutest Family Moments With Her Grandkids

Winner of a Grammy

Winner of a Grammy, she wed Elliott Gould in 1963. In 1966, the couple gave birth to their son, Jason Gould. By 1971, Barbra and Elliott’s marriage had formally ended. Soon after, she met James through a mutual friend and fell in love with him all over again.

She revealed the story in an interview with W Magazine published in November 2016. I met him at a dinner, and while I was expecting a rugged, bearded mountain man, he turned out to be clean-shaven. He questioned me, “Who messed up your hair?” His love for me, he informed me afterwards, began at that moment. Surprisingly, my dude like hearing the whole truth.

The 1998 Wedding of the Grammy Winner and the Westworld Alumna was Well Celebrated.

When James married Barbra, she became a stepmother to his three children from prior relationships: Josh Brolin, Jess Brolin, and Molly Elizabeth Brolin. When Josh told her that he and his wife, Kathryn Boyd, were expecting their first child in 2018, she could hardly control her elation.

“Barbra is right up in our craniums. While promoting Avengers: Endgame in June 2018, the actor remarked, “She calls all the time, emails all the time, she has name recommendations, we sent her a bracelet that says ‘Grandma’ on it and she began weeping.” Yes, sir, she’s totally into it. extreme enthusiasm for what you’re doing

November of 2018 Saw the Arrival of Westlyn.

In 2020, Josh and Kathryn gave birth to their second child, a daughter they named Chapel. Now she is a big sister. The Deadpool actor is also the father of two children, a son named Trevor Brolin and a daughter named Eden Brolin, both of whom were born during his first marriage to Alice Adair. Barbra has previously mentioned her time spent with her stepson’s two oldest children.

Last Words

Josh’s daughter, our grandchild, visited us recently. Her 16-year-old self wanted nothing more than to hang out with us, and it was the cutest thing ever. ‘I cancelled all my appointments,’ the Broadway great confessed to Parade in August of ’09. The reason I couldn’t make it was because I had to cancel two other commitments—one with my lawyer, and the other with a business associate. Having her around is a blast. Actually, that’s more crucial right now. Greater priority than business.