The 6 Apps Every Sports Fan Needs in 2023

Watching your favorite teams on TV is all well and good, but what true sports fans need today are the right apps! With the right apps today, you can check scores, stay up to date on news, interact with favorite teams, and, of course, maintain fantasy lineups. That said, there are if anything too many apps to choose from.

Below is our list of some of the best possibilities to consider.

1. ESPN App

Of course, we have to mention this one, as it’s arguably the best for comprehensive coverage of scores, highlights, and breaking news. The app lets you customize alerts so that you get the coverage you want.

Apps Every Sports Fan Needs

It also includes access to ESPN+, which is perfect for those who want to pay for the service and unlock premium articles, live sports streaming, and a vast library of video content. Simply put, there’s something for everyone here.

2. DraftKings

This is a daily fantasy app, which means that each day, users can buy into contests (for as little as $1), draft players who are playing in real life that day and win or lose based on how those players perform. Furthermore, if you’re not ready to bet money yet, TechRadar mentions that you can also play a free daily game as a form of practice (or just to have some fun).

There are a lot of platforms for daily fantasy sports (DFS), but this is a leader in the category. More importantly, it is also legal in most states, even where broader sports betting is prohibited.

  1. Socios

For those who want to participate in active fanhood, but may prefer options aside from DFS, the Socios app offers a chance to attach yourself to your favorite teams and leagues. Specifically, this app enables users to buy a cryptocurrency called Chiliz, exchange it for digital tokens relating to teams that have joined the service, and then participate in various events exclusive to token holders.

This gives fans a way to take more active roles in supporting their teams, whether that means answering survey questions about team events, securing limited merchandise, or even signing up for meet-and-greets.

4. FuboTV

This is a great pure streaming option with tons of content for those who may not want ESPN+, or who may want sports that ESPN doesn’t show as much (like rugby, cricket, and other more global sports). We actually included FuboTV in a past look specifically at sports streaming apps, noting at the time that it’s useful for those who prefer to watch in HD (or Ultra HD). These perks are helpful particularly for those who plan on watching matches recast on larger TV screens as opposed to smaller mobile screens.

  1. BBC Sport

Another app that focuses largely on international sports, BBC Sport shines a spotlight on soccer, cricket, rugby, Formula 1 racing, and tennis. These sports are all covered by the ESPN app and other general sports news apps, but not with the same depth. So for American sports fans who want a more global perspective, the BBC Sport app makes for a great accompaniment to the ESPN one.

Sports Fan Needs Cricket

6. Feedly

While Feedly is not exclusively a sports app, it is an aggregator that makes it possible to completely customize the sports coverage and blog content you see. CNET has also praised the app for “looking great” and “working well” –– which sound like simple benefits, but actually don’t apply to a lot of other reader and aggregator apps.

The bottom line is that it’s a straightforward but highly functional app that you can tailor such that you get the sports news most relevant to you at a touch.

Stock up with these and you’ll be able to easily enjoy all of your favorite sports in all of your favorite ways.