Top Alternatives Of ‘Anime Planet’

The user interface of Anime-Planet gets considered one of the most user-friendly interfaces out there in the market. It also provides users with suggestions for handling popular videos and content to increase convenience.

The user can choose what the report finds. However, sometimes you will look for a better option.

What is Anime Planet

Its huge database allows users to access various anime series and videos. You can save the selected content in AnimePlanet’s overlay function in your favorite corner so that you can stream these videos if necessary in the future.

Most streaming sites that offer free online movies and download options like Anime-Planet are more likely to get hacked or subjected to phishing attacks. These sites upload and publish materials that violate cyberspace laws.

Anime Planet

Is Anime-Planet Free?

Yes, it is completely free. The website you visit from your computer and the apps on your phone are cost-free. On AnimePlanet, you can watch anime and enjoy your favorite shows all the time. You do not need anything other than a good internet connection.

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Alternatives of Anime Planet

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a platform that provides a variety of videos to users around the world. There are two versions of Crunchyroll. One is free, which is a trial version, and the other one includes paid version. So users have to pay a small subscription fee.

The premium version has many interesting features, and users will never get bored.


Crunchyroll allows you to watch anime videos, shows, TV series, TV programs, etc., for free. Everyone can easily download their favorite videos.


Since they do not publish non-copyrighted or properly authorized content on their websites, many people believe that displaying website content will harm their computers. Yes, clicking on inappropriate links and advertisements will make the site unsafe.

2. FUNimation

FUNimation is a great animation producer. You can watch this animation on the official website of FUNimation. The site may not provide you with an installation feature, but it does provide the option to buy products from your favorite anime show.


In addition to anime and merchandise, this anime also brings you blogs and breaking news. The website also provides a complete animation streaming schedule and a list of upcoming events.


Only the trial account comes for free. After that, you must pay the subscription fee. But the problem is, we have many free services offering platforms in the market. If so, none would prefer to go this way.

3. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon’s Prime Video is one of the largest streaming sites in the world. You don’t have a lot of anime, but it gets well planned. It provides excellent HD content quality. You can find your favorite English and native language animations. You can use your website or even the app as you like.


Prime is perfect for those who are new to the world of animation and want to watch world-famous animations before diving into the endless ocean of animation series. For your convenience, Prime provides users with a list of destinations. You can also download TV shows or movies for offline viewing.


The disadvantage is essentially being a paid streaming media site. But Amazon provides a 30-day free version.

4. VRV

The website provides a good collection of animations for viewers, which gets updated regularly. The site is a paid one. To access it, you must subscribe every month to watch some of your favorite programs.


Generally speaking, this website is also useful for streaming animations. There is a comfortable user interface. Since this is a streaming site, you cannot read the comics here.


The site is under construction and may not be available in some countries or regions.

5. Kuroani

The site has an unparalleled collection of animations. Unfortunately, there are no other comics on the website to read, but the series is supernatural.


It is a free website that is more attractive to users and has high-quality videos with subtitles and dubbing.


Since the site is free, many pop-up windows will annoy you. But after playing some ads, you can enjoy the show without being distracted.

6. KissAnime

Undoubtedly, this online platform is one of the best choices for the substitution of Anime-Planet. The user interface is also too easy to use. So users can access all overlay functions pretty efficiently without worrying about any issues.


The site’s specialization includes easy access to your video player and the ability to stream unbuffered video. The popularity of the site gets better witnessed by the number of visitors it has. Yes, over a million users are active every day. The site server is the best, and it encourages its developers to continue their efforts to develop better.


You must be careful while entering your personal and financial details. The risk of you getting subjected to phishing attacks is high.

7. AnimeFreak

It has been included in the list of some of the best Anime-Planet alternatives on the market. And because of its unique and amazing features, it provides a service for playing anime videos on the Internet.


Your homepage has been optimized efficiently and is safe to use. You will not find any common problems or errors related to advertising. It has an automatic update. And, the update function helps to stream the latest anime movies.


People who try to download movies from this streaming site have to wait for several hours to complete the download. It is a common problem for many people, especially those with slow internet speeds. The downloaded file may contain viruses or harmful files that could cause severe damage to your computer system.

8. Hulu

As a cross-platform entertainment resource, Hulu is the leading Internet streaming movie entertainment platform. If you are looking to watch all the award-winning shows, then Hulu is the right choice.

Users will get introduced to a huge platform of anime series, shows, and events. Additionally, you will be able to access it using any operating system of your choice. And yes, you can use it in any digital media gadget too.


Ever wondered to get a smart interface? If yes, Hulu is the best. Hulu has one of the coolest UI ever. You will be able to locate all features a typical user wishes to have on the site they browse. Ultimately, you can also get access to anime videos of your choice from its community support.


You need to upgrade the DVR to fast forward display. Though it gives videos of your choices, it has a smaller collection compared to sites like Netflix.

9. GoGoAnime

It is the world’s leading animation streaming website with an extensive database. It is a free and easy-to-use application that allows you to enjoy unlimited streaming media playback without the hassle of advertising.

The site has millions of users around the world. The popularity of GoGoAnime is major because of its features that grant convenience to the users.


You get feeds on the latest movies and series. There are several options for each category. It provides users with a variety of options. Plus things on the platform are – the site gets regularly updated, and there are more latest updates.

Like other similar animation websites, it also has an advanced search option that requires you to enter the name to find what you like.


Gogoanime requires a verified email address and all other required information for registration. If you are not registering yourself, GoGoAnime limits its service, and ultimately, you won’t be able to do much with the site.

10. Anime Frenzy

This website provides so-called anime and anime series with subtitles. Hence, it becomes easy for anyone from the geographical area can watch it without worrying about the language.


If you ask us the prime advantage of using AnimAnime Frenzy, we would say the popular series presentation. It shows both classic and pretty popular series of all time. You can view or download content at your convenience.


You cannot read the comics here. It only provides animation programs and movies. If there is one thing we have to say, maybe this exhibits more popular advertisements, which pesters you while watching.

11. Animeheaven

With no restriction, you will be able to stream online. Alongside, you can download series and movies of your choice. It regularly updates newer content and title. The site is furthermore beginner-friendly.


Each anime series on the platform has a short description to let you know about the series and its characters. It introduces a comment function, wherein you can use this function to discuss things related to animation with other viewers. Each genre also contains multiple titles. It has a search bar at the top, which helps in better filtering.


You may not know what type of file you are downloading, which means there may be some suspicious items in the file.

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Bottom Line

And yes, the above-mentioned ones are the best substitutes for Anime-Planet. If you want to experience the best effects in any anime content, show, or movie, you should give it a try. Happy surfing!