Alibaba is Ramping Up in Europe

Alibaba had decided on this matter, and they are keen in the process of is investing further that is going to be in Europe for Singles Day this year. Alibaba is always a Chinese tech company that you are going to find in China, and must we say that it is indeed the leading tech giant in the Asian region.

It is competing with the other tech giant that we know well of, Amazon, which is getting more sales and more customers, is something that has always been intriguing to us. They do play each other off, and in this particular race going on in Europe, Alibaba seems to be gaining on the fun.

Alibaba is Ramping Up in Europe

Alibaba had been strong, and it had remained among the top three out of all of the online sellers of consumer goods that we can find in eastern Europe. This is not the data for this year but the last year.

This is a legit fact as it is given to us from a reliable source. It is according to Euromonitor International, you might have heard that name before. Amazon, on the other hand, was not so lucky as it wasn’t even close, and it was not on the top 10 list for the region.

Amazon is not losing the race by any means because it has remained the top seller in western Europe by far. That is a fact that still holds. However, it must be noted that Amazon was stuck in its own records as the market share in the region did not grow at all during the pandemic. So there had been no chance of self-growth either.

In contrast to this, when we put the data side by side, we see that Alibaba’s market share had gone up in recent years as it had increased to 2.9% in the year 2020. This is more than going up 2% in the year from before. That’s all for now. We are hoping to see what happens in the future soon.