Afghanistan’s Health-Care System is ‘On The Brink of Collapse,’ WHO Warns

Afghanistan’s health care system is not going to last very long. It is being tested to its limits right now and it is not going to be able to continue. WHO has said that their health care system is on the brink of collapse.

There is a lack of funding and this is one of the major concerns. This has left thousands of hospitals and the health care system situated there completely useless. The few spots that are still working have trouble buying medical supplies and paying the staff to work. The World Health Organization has been keeping an eye on the entire system after the Taliban came into power, but the situation is not looking that good.

Afghanistan's Health-Care System is 'On The Brink of Collapse,’ WHO Warns

“Unless there is an urgent action which is being taken, the country will be facing an imminent humanitarian catastrophe,” Said the World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. The statement had also been seconded by the World Health Organization Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean, by the name of Ahmed Al-Mandhari.

Afghanistan had always been depended a lot on international funding to keep the system going. However, they are not getting a lot of aids from foreign countries now since the Taliban is in power and the government as it was once known to the world does not exist.

So the situation is not very good in Afghanistan and the health care situation is in shambles. There is no aid coming from anywhere because of the Taliban who seized power from the government last month. The United States has also retreated from Afghanistan so there is a major problem thrown into the chaos too.

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World Health Organization has said that the reduction in the donations to Afghanistan’s largest health project, Sehatmandi, had caused more problems as it is cut off from the source supply causing the health facilities to be left without medicines, medical supplies, fuel, and wages for medical workers.

Sehatmandi has always been the main source of health care in Afghanistan and it is known to operate 2,309 medical facilities all over the country of Afghanistan. But now that it’s in shambles there is no ray of hope seen.

We can only wait and watch for what’s about to come. We do not know how the problem will be solved but we are going to keep you posted with the updates that are going to come our way.