10 Best Alternative to 1Movies in 2023

Well if you are here then you might also know very well about 1Movies. It is a great website that you can use to watch not only tv shows but movies too. It is absolutely free of cost, so you do not have to worry about spending money.

It has a great interface that allows even novice users to find their TV shows and movies accordingly. They are displayed as thumbnails which the user can hover the mouse pointer over to get information about that particular movie or tv show.

It has a long collection of movies and TV shows. You can access their virtual library easily. We hope that you understand that this site is not legal, it is possible that due to copyright issues this site can be taken down. So where do you go then to get your daily fix of movies and tv shows?


Well, no need to worry because we have the solutions for you. You have the best Alternatives for 1Movies right here. We have included the 10 best Alternative sites to 1Movies TV. This list is up to date.

10 Best Alternative to 1Movies TV in 2023

So without any further ado let’s get right into it. We will start with the first one and then go on the list.

1. LookMovie

The first one on the list is LookMovie. It is the first one so it might be quite special. It is a very good alternative to 1Movies Tv. It has a good collection of TV shows too.

You can watch your favorite TV series and shows as you like. It is a good site with a good interface so no one will have a problem moving around.

The collection of this site is also good. You can watch your favorite shows anytime you want and that too for free. Oh and do not forget that bag of chips to munch on.

2. BMovies

Do not get mislead by its name. BMovies site does not only offer movies. They have TV shows too and you can watch web series here too. It is a versatile site that is often mistaken as a movie site only so people do not pay much attention to them.

Therefore this is not a very well known site. You should not disregard it just because it is not so popular or unheard of. People are getting into this site recently and it is currently growing in popularity too.

They have a good collection of shows and movies that you can watch for free. What else do you need?

3. Vumoo

This is the one with a weird name. Do not be worried we are not telepathic but we know that’s the first thing you thought about it while reading this name. This is a good site.

It has a search box that allows you quick and easy research about the movies and tv shows. It also has a good interface that is user friendly. It provides the users with a list of all the stuff that they have too. It is highly modern in its layout and design.

4. Sony Crackle

This is a popular one. People are really invested in this one nowadays. They can watch their favorite TV series and shows along with movies online. This one is also absolutely free of cost so it won’t burden your purse.

They have a decent collection too. The interface is neat and clean. It is also user friendly. They have both version of app of the ios and android. That means you can use them on both the device platforms. You can also watch trailers of a movie or show here before you actually watch it. Go check it out.

5. WatchFree

The name says it all. You can watch your favourite shows for free here. We have been listing alternatives that are free because it is not popular choice to pay for watching shows.

I mean why pay for it when you have the option to watch it for free. This is also a good alternative to 1Movies TV. It is not something extremely out of the box but it gets the job done.

You do not need to sign up to start watching here. This is a good thing. You also have no restrictions but you may face some ads some time or other.

6. Movies4u

Well, the next one on the list is Movies4u. It is not something special so we might not have a lot to talk about it. Just know that if you are getting bored and you need to kill time then the way out for you is to start watching TV shows and tv series.

They are fun and provides ample entertainment to the user. It is a good site. We found that the interface is simple and user friendly. We like this site because of its basic nature, we hope that you will like this one too.

7. PutLocker

You might have heard the name of Putlocker. It has been around for quite some time. It is a good site to watch movies. They have a huge virtual library which you can access.

The collection of the movies is a lot. The collection of TV shows too is present but it is not so good as the other sites. There are other good sites that have a better collection of TV shows.

So if you are looking into TV shows, this site is not the one for you. This is overall a good site for movie lovers. If you are a hard core movie lover then you will like this.

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8. Hotstar

Most of you may have heard about it. This is a common site that most users have used. It is so popular nowadays that most of you already have this on your phone. It is attracting a lot of users from India.

There is a free version and there is a premium paid version. Obviously, you can access more TV shows and movies from the premium account than the normal free one.

The interface of Hotstar is quite good and it is pleasing to the eyes too. If you have not already heard and used it, then it’s high time that you go check what the craze is all about.

9. Seedhdclub

This one is a good site to watch TV shows. It has a good collection of shows but you should know that not all the shows are free. They have a good portion of free TV shows that you can watch but there is a paid section too.

So some of the TV shows are not available for free, you need to pay a fee for it or get a premium subscription. This is a good site with a good interface. The collection is noteworthy and that’s why we have included this in the list.

10. YesMovies

YesMovies is the last one on our list. Do not disregard it just because it is at the last place on our list. This is a good site with an attractive design. This site’s interface is also good.

You should try to give this one a try too. Before choosing one particular site, you need to check them all out. They have a good collection of tv shows that you can enjoy. We like this site so we hope that you like it too.

Final words

We hope that this article has been useful to you. We have tried our best to explain all the different sites as well as possible. You have to go through the entire article to know which one is the best for you. This list only had 10 alternative sites.

There are obviously other sites too out there that we have not mentioned. If you are not satisfied with any of these then you can obviously go for them.

The addiction to movies and tv shows is something that most of us know about. This has its advantages and disadvantages too. You need to keep it in control but also keep up to date with the recent releases.

Thank you once again for reading this article. We hope that you liked it and found it useful. Do recommend it to your friends and family if you like this. Have a nice day!